10 March 2012


Hi friends!  My, you look wonderful today.  Is that a new haircut?  You are just glowing!  And it was great to see you.  You add sunshine to my life.

Yes, I need something.  You're smart.  You know about Africa.  Short story: click on this button and pay to benefit Kenyan kids whose lives have been affected by HIV/AIDS.

Long story: You'll be paying to send me to Kenya and work with these kids.  They come from a slum in Nairobi called Dagoretti.

One of these sweet girls lives here.  Her name is Marlene, and her family's kitchen is on the left there.  Yep.  It's a tiny table with dishes and a few food containers.  No indoor plumbing or electricity.  To the right of the kitchen is the wardrobe.  And that corrugated-looking blue is a sheet separating their house from that of their neighbors.

Here you can see the same kitchen and wardrobe, which are pressed against the full-sized bed with Little Mermaid sheets.  Marlene's whole family, siblings and all, occupy this space.

Sob story over.  Friends of Ngong Road swooped in a few years ago and decided to give kids living in this area a fighting chance.  They provide education, medicine, and support based on donations and sponsorships from "rich" people like us.  You know, these kids do think we're rich.  To them, we are!  Ngong Road currently sponsors 300 children.

The most fun part of Ngong Road is summer camp!  The kids get SO happy.  Then they climb on you and do your hair and giggle and wiggle and stick their fingers in your nose.  This was the young kids camp, a year and a half ago.  We made sure everyone was smiling.  It wasn't hard!

I also went to the older kids camp near Mount Kenya.  Like at the first one, we made sure everyone got fed.  We took the kids on safaris, hiked up Mount Kenya, explored the local community, taught kids how to make friendship bracelets and books, and facilitated all kinds of super fun camp games.

Below is Benson.  He's a good dancer.  ADORBS.
This year, Ngong Road is planning 4 camps, and I might wet my pants, I'm so excited.  The ones I'd like to attend are:

Seniors Camp: for kids 14 and older near Mount Kenya.  We'd explore and teach life lessons.  I be whippin' out that teaching license I have.

Grammar Camp: for kids age 10 - 13.  We'll set up in Nairobi and have the kids learn and play games.

Young Kids Camp: kids under 10!  The most adorable of all the camps.  Massive game fun in Nairobi.

So my friends.  I need your help.  The flight is expensive for us Americans!  That's why, between now and May 15 - the deadline for signing up - I'm hoping for $1500 to magically drop into my interweb pocket.  That covers everything I'll need once I'm in Kenya, including the part where I help the chilluns, and most of my plane ticket.

Anything you give will help.  Thank you, from the bottom of my little vegan heart.

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