13 March 2012

Minneapolis: Tiger Sushi 2

Don't do what I did, which is go to the Mall of America Tiger Sushi, AKA NOT Tiger Sushi 2, and expect all the worthwhile veggie sushi to be on the menu.  I mean, what's the POINT of Tiger Sushi without Bam Bam and Dark Edamame?!  NOTHING!  I guess vegans aren't welcome at the MoA.  Suck it, stupid mall!

Through intensive counseling, I've come to properly deal with my anger.  My emotional reaction to the MoA has returned to mildly irritated.  'S been a long road to recovery.  Now gimme my Bam Bam.

Tiger Sushi 2
2841 Lyndale Ave S
Minneapolis, MN  55408
(612) 874-1800

Matt and I have scoured the metro area for the best fish-free sushi.  We used to always order 6 plain avocado rolls to split, but... people would look at us.


Trust me.  If you have taste buds, you must come here for vegan sushi.  They understand that vegetarians ENJOY flavor.  Flavorful vegan sushi, you guys!  Is your mouth watering yet?

If you investigate the menu, you'll see a green V all over the place.  That simply means mostly vegetarian.  Well, that ain't gonna cut it for me.  If you want absolutely no fish flakes or eggs in your food, tell your server.  No big deal.  She'll fix it for you, free of charge.

The two shining stars of world-wide vegan sushi are the Bam Bam Roll ($10) and Dark Edamame Roll ($12).  One'll probably fill your belly.  But they won't come to you vegan unless you ask your server.

Now.  The Bam Bam.  It's a roll of extraordinary freshness in which the massive avocado chunks shine. Dip that spicy sucker in the delicious strawberry sauce, savor the sweet potato, jalapeno, and inari (fried tofu), and you will be in food heaven.  For real.  There is no way I can impart the amazing taste experience you will have while eating this roll.  You just need to try it yourself.

This little beauty is the Dark Edamame Roll, so named for the sauce gellin' with the edamame, which is not only dark, but spicy!  The mango, avocado, asparagus and red bell pepper inside meld with the sauce and explode in your mouth.  LITERALLY.  No, j/k.  Or am I?  You decide.


Like the Bam Bam, the Dark Edamame Roll is has a totally unique flavor that will blow you away.  I mean it.  It's crunchy, fresh, and packed to the nori with flavor.  You can put that soy sauce back.  You won't be needing it here.

Just in case I haven't yet gotten through to you about how EPIC these two rolls are, let me tell you what Matt and I always do here: we share one Dark Edamame and one Bam Bam.  Then Matt, whose stomach is designed for packing it in, will eat ANOTHER entire Dark Edamame Roll.  Captain Adventure, indeed.

Aaaand we maybe come here once a month.

Okay, twice a month.

Sometimes three.

No, I will not go to counseling for this.  Eat my Bam Bam.

[EDIT 3/17/2013] My magical fairy godmother (or, a very nice person named Amanda who reads my blog) had a nasty surprise when she came here for her birthday dinner.  Certain things just are not vegan!  The soy sauce at your table has fish sauce in it, and if you don't explicitly request your sushi to be vegan, it could contain such horrors as carrots marinated in fish sauce, tempura veggies fried in the same oil as meat, and straight up fish sauce on top of your Dark Edamame Roll.  And now I shall send a message to Tiger Sushi, in the hopes of changing things for the better.


  1. This supports my hypothesis that there is no reason to go to the MoA besides the Lego center.

    1. RIGHT?!

      ... I may or may not enjoy Nickelodeon Universe sometimes.

    2. coughCAMPSNOOPYcoughcough

    3. Okay, Miss Danny McPhantompants.

  2. I just found this post, which made me super excited to go to tiger sushi 2, however I see they are now closed!? :( any other vegan sushi suggestion in the area?

  3. Thank you so much for this review! Can't wait to try!

  4. They have the Bam Bam and Dark Edamame sushi rolls at the Mall of America now.