29 March 2012

off to Europe

Well, muffins.  Here we go!

Matt and I are heading to Europe tomorrow.  In case you're not one of the several thousand co-workers I've alienated with incessant chatter about it, here's our itinerary, which'll be peppered with amazing vegan food and picture-taking.

Paris: 2 days.  Je suis tres excite!  (Lookit me pretending I can speak French.)  I'll be forever indebted to Vegan Paris for showing me where I can eat.  Emily, the author, even has a Kindle book for $3.  Well, of course I bought it.  Luckily, I have a Kindle.  (Thanks, Mom!)

Lucerne: 2 days.  Switzerland!  Mountains!  I got advice from Vegan World Trekker and Lonely Planet on this one.  Fewer vegan-friendly restaurants than in Paris, but we are intrepid.  We carry on.  Mountains are worth it.

Vienna: 4 days.  I'm so excited about traveling here that I am vibrating off the couch right now.  Thanks to The Urban Housewife, I'm set for eats.  I can barely wait to get to the Innere Stadt and walk the Ringstrasse and sip tea in a real Viennese coffee house.

I've never been to any of these lovely locales, but thanks to the magic of googleywebs, I'm prepared to walk right in and speak English until somebody gets so annoyed with me they stuff vegan croissants in my mouth to shut me up.  (Just kidding.  We'll be posing as Canadians, not Americans.)

So muffins!  I might not see you for a while.  When I come back, I will present you with the deets.

You're totes jelly.  Join the club.  My co-workers will keep you company.


  1. Totally jealous!!! Ugh, I wish I could give you money to bring back Swiss milk chocolate by the ton and any French pastry with pastry cream in it! My mouth is beyond watering right now, but I'm beyond happy and excited for you! Have a great time and stay outta trouble!!!

    1. Theeenks! I don't know about staying out of trouble. YOU KNOW ME. :) You should go to that new French bakery east of Lake Harriet - it's called Rustica, and I've heard people falling over themselves to praise it.