11 April 2012

Delta Air Lines

A whole post about plane food?  LAME.

A whole post about vegan plane food?  Less lame.


All you need to do in order to ensure your vegan success is go into your plane reservations online for a long flight and find the drop-down menu with food options.  Select vegan for each flight.  DONE.

On our 8-hour direct flight from Minneapolis to Paris, we got two meals: dinner and breakfast.  I should have been sleeping the whole time, but I was eating and watching Midnight in Paris instead.  I'm not sorry.

Dinner consisted of a salad, a roll of bread, orzo with steamed veggies, and fruit.  My favorite part was definitely the fruit - I got perfect pieces of grapefruit and pineapple.  Least fave was the steamed veggies.  They came with sauce, but it just didn't penetrate the bland, over-cooked quality.  The bread was good and wheaty, but could have used vegan butter.  Note!  The meal came with margarine that wasn't quite vegan.  We checked the ingredients.  Whey is my eternal nemesis.  The salad wasn't bad, because the balsamic (pre-packaged) dressing hit that nice balance halfway between bland and too much.  It had a good black pepper taste, and the salad itself was crisp and fresh!  On a plane!  Technology these days.

I pretended to sleep for a while, and my boredom was refreshingly alleviated by the advent of breakfast a mere five and a half hours after the previous meal.  This time my vegan tray consisted of a bagel, Smucker's strawberry jam, Minute Maid OJ, and an item that was actually not made by a machine: a banana.  Sometimes processed foods taste pretty good, and that was the case with the bagel and jam.  But I don't need to tell you this.  You know how that tastes already.  It was one of those dense, moist bagels.  The OJ, however, was less appealing.  I'm not a fan of juice from concentrate, and that's basically all Minute Maid does.  I drank it.  But that doesn't mean I liked it.  I relished the banana, though.  Nice and fresh.

All of a sudden: we were in Paris!  My dislike of OJ from concentrate was forgotten.  France doesn't believe in crap like that.

A whirlwind 8 days later, we were back on a direct 9-hour flight from Amsterdam to Minneapolis.  On this flight, I couldn't STOP sleeping.  But I did stop to watch Horrible Bosses, Gran Torino, 30 Rock, and The Office.  And to eat.  But I was real sleepy when I did it.

This time we received a lunch and a dinner.  The vegan lunch was actually really good!  It came with the same salad, bread roll, and fruit as before, but this time the entree contained rice, tofu, tomato sauce, and mashed peas.  That may sound weird, but everything was flavored expertly in a vaguely Italian sort of way.  And the butter this time said vegan on the lid!  The meal was a resounding success.

Dinner - which, for us CST-ers, came at about 2pm (not that I'm complaining) - surprised me yet again.  This time I got a really lovely pesto ciabatta sandwich with roasted bell peppers, eggplant, and zucchini.  The eggplant was a bit too tough to chew normally, but the pesto tasted lovely and the rest of the vegetables and bread were perfectly done.  I chased it with seeded grapes.  SEEDED grapes, people.  Have you ever even HAD seeded grapes?  I hadn't.  They were good; I just can't deal with change, apparently.

We got home at 3:40pm Sunday.  I made it till about 7:00, then passed out, in spite of the fact that there were two Game of Thrones episodes to watch.  I'd say that's close enough to my normal sleeping patterns.


  1. I loved all your posts from your trip and yes, I am extremely jealous. I'll be waiting for my French pastry and Swiss milk chocolate (hehe jk).

    But from this post all I have to say is... Yay for The Office being on!!! (Yes I am a COMPLETE dork when it comes to that show.) Love me some Michael Scott and Jim Halpert. Oh and maybe a little Dwigt too =)

    Glad you had a good time and all your (food) pictures looked amazing!

    1. Aw, THANKS! Um, funny thing. I left your French pastry in France, and your Swiss chocolate in Switzerland. So you might have to get over there and pick it up. We don't want anything to get stale.

      I LOVE THE OFFICE SO BAD. Especially season 2, when Jim and Pam flirted all the time. Also, Dwight might be my favorite character.

      PS - Awkwardly, I'm not finished yet. I'm not sure why I decided to put the plane food in the middle of my trip posts, but I do know I was really hungry when I did it.

  2. Omg! Season two is soooo my fav! Its the one I watch over and over. Pretty sure I can recite it word for word. Word.

    And I can't wait for the rest of the posts and pics! =)

    1. Uh, yeah. I think I've seen it more than four times.


  3. I just was on KLM! I don't know about the vegan food but I had a vegetarian thingy that just kind of sucked for dinner and they had that fruit that ruins fruit for so many people: unripe cantaloupe, unripe honeydew, and overripe grapes. GAH. At least they were super nice and super on time!

    1. EW. I hate melons so bad. I hope your food coming home will be better! What movies did you watch? Did you fly into London and get a connection to Manchester?