13 April 2012

Eurail: OBB

During the second leg of our 9-hour journey from Lucerne to Vienna, I got hungry.  I wanted more than peanuts and raisins for dinner, people.  Dinner cannot be the same as lunch.  Then Matt got a really yummy-looking sandwich.  COME ON.


OBB is the part of the Eurail system based out of Austria.  It travels to several central-ish European countries, as well.  When riding with your eyeballs glued to the windows, you will want to burst out in song.  By song, I mean the Sound of Music. Don't do it, you weirdo American.  God, who does that?  (Certainly not I.  Do not confirm with Matt.)

Just out of Salzburg, I shimmied into the bistro car.  The menu was clearly marked with little green Vs denoting the vegetarian options, of which there were a few.  I got a lovely pasta with tomato ragout and fresh rocket without parmesan for €6,90 ($9.09).  (Rocket's similar to arugula, for those of you thinking I sprinkle my food with space shuttles.)

Friends: it was good.  Like, really.  I know it was just a frozen dinner they threw in the microwave, but still. The rocket really was fresh.  The sauce had a hint of spicyness, and the whole thing was just exactly what I needed.

Hunger: satiated.

Vienna: bring it.

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