10 April 2012

Europe: filling the gaps while still stuffing my face

On any vacation, it's inevitable you'll get to a particular area or situation wherein the only vegan thing is a bottle of water.  As I've mentioned previously, it's always good to keep a backup supply for when such situations arise.  Here's the food I took with me in my fave 40L REI backpack:
nuts and berries at Naschmarkt in Vienna
Here's the food I bought in Europe and carried with me till it was gone:
  • 3 apples (Elstars - the sweet taste of an apple with the texture of a pear.  Yum!)
  • trail mix
  • 3 energy bars
  • several thousand bars of vegan dark chocolate
  • ton of peanuts
  • bunch of golden raisins
  • bag of choco-amaranth cereal (amaranth + chocolate?  YES FOREVER.)
  • lotsa cashews
  • dried cherries - LOVE.
  • apple berry muesli
  • vanilla soymilk (hostels = love = kitchen = fridge = not gross milk)
I saved a ton of money by subsisting on the above for 14 whole meals and lots of snacks.  My favorite was mixing the peanuts, raisins, cashews, cherries, and choco-amaranth together for a trail-mix-granola extravaganza.

Ahh... It's phrases like, "Hey Matty, can we see if this market has any muesli?" that make us who we are.  TOTALLY GRANOLA.

And that's why Matt calls me his little muesli freak.  Hearts!

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