11 April 2012

FAIL! Vitznau: Cafe Seepark

Despite my careful ordering process, this meal was a vegan bust.  I turned into a pumpkin.  My head rotated 360° while I spewed green vomit.

Just kidding, silly!  It was just eggs.

Cafe Seepark
Seestrasse 54
6354 Vitznau, Switzerland
+41 41 397 22 42

Sometimes, I'm so certain it's dairy that'll pop up in unexpected places.  The saffron soup sounded good, so I asked if it had milk.  Negative.  Alright - one cup for 7.50 SCF ($8.18), please!

Look at that color.  When I pulled my spoon up from the surface, the liquid clung in that slightly slimy, thick way that only egg can.  Sure enough, when I tasted it - EGGS!  The flavor sang to me.  Tasty.  Matt said he wasn't sure.  But I was.

Oh well.  I sipped up the entire cup.

Bread was good.

Didn't puke.

It happens!  I think a more diligent traveler could find another soup or salad here that's actually vegan. The view from the patio (lake, Alps, sunshine) would be worth trying.  I may or may not be proud of the sunburn I acquired here.


  1. Eh. It happens. The Korean word for vegetarian ("chechikchui") I've learned actually means "no pork."

    I learned this at the precise moment that a bowl of rice noodles approached me with a big scoop of ground beef right in the middle. Well. Huh. No way to send it back. Paid for it.

    That's when I pulled out my let's-eat-around-it skills. Handy.

    1. HA! Ew. You're brave. I would have lost my appetite had an actual dead animal bit showed up in my soup. You're adapting way better than I would!

      Uh, PS... you would have LOVED that egg saffron soup. :D