12 April 2012

Lucerne: Kanchi

In the course of our innocent search for Lucerne's Dying Lion Monument (bigger than it looks), we noticed an Indian restaurant.  Oh, the excitement!  Who cares about stupid European food?  Indian is better than everything.

... Sorry, Europe.  I just don't go for fondue.

Zurichstrasse 4
6004 Lucerne, Switzerland
+41 41 410 67 08

You know how sometimes, you find a place to eat without knowing a thing about it and it turns out to be the best discovery you've ever made?  That's how this shaped up.  Actually, I'd say it was as good as Best of India back home.

Our server, Shiva, was very sharp - he noticed me pull out my food notebook and asked if I'd be taking notes.  Well, yes!  I explained about the blog, and next thing I knew a mango juice with fun frills was sitting in front of me.  It was good, thick, pure mango, for 4.00 SCF ($4.36).

NO, our server was NOT the Hindu god of destruction.

Now that we have that taken care of.

Shiva wound up being our new BFF.  (Well, temporarily.  Becca's still the eternal BFF in our lives.)  He responded with alacrity when I started parsing the menu for ghee-less items.  He happily reported that the place doesn't even USE ghee.  Um.  Awesome.

First Shiva brought us complementary Indian chips with mango and tomato chutneys, both dairy-free.  The tomato one had a good creamy texture that perfectly showcased the unadulterated tomato flavor, kind of similar to a really good tomato soup.  The mango chutney was spicier and so yummy it was addictive.

Then followed the best Aloo Gobi I think we've ever had.  My mouth watered so much during the careful picture-taking interlude that I could have filled the lake.  Our naan, at 4.00 SCF ($4.36), was lovely, as naan always is.  And from the moment I shoved that first bite down my gullet, I was in love.

So much attention had been paid to the sauce.  It was creamy and just a little spicy - perfectly flavored and textured.  The way it had soaked into the potatoes and cauliflower: heaven!  We split it at 22.50 SCF ($24.53) and left with full bellies.  Bulging, satisfied, overindulged bellies.

Then we, you know, walked a bunch.  Our tummies sloshed around.  And we were SO HAPPY FOREVER.

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