10 April 2012

Lucerne: La Terrazza

Get ready for the single most beautiful dining experience of your life.

La Terrazza
Metzgerrainle 9
6004 Lucerne, Switzerland
+41 41 410 36 31

The instant we stepped off the train, we knew we had come to the right place.  The sun was shining, the Alps surrounded us, and the old-world charm of Lucerne complemented a crystal clear lake and river.  Becca had pointed us here.  She knows her stuff.

La Terrazza is one of the few restaurants - perhaps the only - that has tables right up against the River Reuss.  Nothing obstructed our amazing view... except the size of our appetites.  We chose the place based on the recommendation of Vegan World Trekker.  Thanks V-Dubs!  Why didn't you TELL me how pretty it would be?

I ordered a small plate of Pomodoro Fresco with penne pasta for 16.50 SCF ($17.94).  It was one of those moments where very few well-prepared, simple ingredients come together in a perfect meal.  I saved the basil leaf for my final golden bite.  It was golden.

Then: strawberry sorbet.  The way strawberry was always meant to taste, but never knew how.  It was so creamy I was positive it had dairy in it, but happily in the following 24 hours I had no digestive blow-outs.  So I can safely tell you: it is vegan, as sorbet always should be.  And it was the best sorbet ever.

I saw a few other possible vegan options on the menu.  Just make sure you sit outside when you come here.  Possibly even if it's raining and the server thinks you're crazy.

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