09 April 2012

Paris: Voy Alimento

Our first day in Paris was plagued by the worst jetlag that ever jetlagged.  I had never in my life felt jetlagged before - not in New Zealand, or London, or Kenya... in fact, I believed I was jetlag-invincible.  Being vegan gives you superpowers like that, you know.  Alas!  My luck ran out.  Upon arriving in Paris at 7:25am, I could have fallen on my face en l'aeroport and let the hoards of travelers trample me while I slept.

Captain Adventure to the rescue!  We plowed through Paris, took the train to Versailles (which I've wanted to visit with rabid enthusiasm since AP Euro in 10th grade), toddled through, and returned to our hotel.  One last task for the day: eat a freakin' dinner, dammit.

Thank you, Vegan Paris, for making it easy.

Voy Alimento
23 Rue Des Vinaigiriers
75010 Paris, France
+33 1 42 01 03 44

Voy Alimento has three tables, a one-person kitchen, and a tres petite shop, all in one room.  It's absolutely adorable.  The instant we walked in, a table was cleared for us and the chat de la maison - a sweet little black and white kitty called Voy - curled up on my lap for the duration of the entire ensuing meal.  That alone would have sold me on the place.

What followed was an EPIC dinner.  Everything on the menu here is vegan - which is great, because we ate... everything on the menu.  We paid €20 ($26.13) for a drink, a cup of soup, palette cleansers, a huge plate of 7 different dishes, and dessert.  Each.

Our palette cleansers were yummy and so granola.  One was an almond with cacao, another was a fresh green veggie, and the fruit thing was lovely and tangy.  Between bites we sipped our amazing drinks - mine, a Purple Power, was juice at its best: fruity, fresh, with a kick of spicy ginger.  Matt got a Xocolatl, which was hot like hot chocolate, but less opaque.  It was spicy and bitter.  And incredible.  Thanks, Aztecs.

Next came the soup; I got the Soupe Detox, which is the brothy-lookin' one on the right, and Matt had Soupe Energie, the green cup on the left.  Both were comfortingly hot and brothy - and, of course, full of vitamins and minerals, like the drinks - but the Energie soup had spirulina and a kick of ginger as well.  Mm.

Imagine our delight when our server set these plates down in front of us.  Well, let me tell you.  We were thrilled.  I'm suprised Voy wasn't disturbed by all the excitement.  She picked her head up, turned around, and plopped right back down to resume her sleep.  Don't worry, sweet potato.  I won't drop any food on you.  There's only one place that's all going.

In the corner of the plate there's a nice yellow rice - like the soup, it tasted comfortingly of broth.  Next are the perfectly roasted potatoes, followed by a lovely stewed vegetable medley.  The tofu salad made me think of tabouleh - tangy, fresh, and accompanied by fruits that looked like cucumbers but had the flavor of pears.  The dark, seedy paste next door may have been my favorite, followed closely by the bright, fresh, super tangy salad.  In the center of the plate are eggplant bits cooked down in a chocolate mole, which Matt couldn't get enough of.

Alongside these incredible plates were two flavor-enhancers - an orange-colored, curried, spicy paste, and a dark spirulina sauce that I could have drank.  I put it on everything, instead.  It had that je ne sais quoi thing going on.  I suspect part of it was extra extra extra good extra virgin olive oil.

Just when we thought life couldn't be better, our server came back and offered us dessert.  Um, DUH.

Matt chose the Xoco Cake, made, of course, from the very finest bitter dark chocolate.  I particularly enjoyed the sweet honey-like sauce.  I would've licked his plate if he hadn't done such a good job scouring it off with his spoon.  My dessert was bananaçai: a fruit mousse, in that little glass.  How perfect!  It was creamy and wonderful, but unfortunately, I didn't get to lick that glass clean, either.

When it came time to leave, I tried gently prodding Voy to get off me.  She didn't move.  I prodded harder.  She stood up, stretched, and laid down again.

Well.  I do love to pick cats up and hold them in my arms and cuddle them and adoo doo dee.  Dee dee dee!

She tried to follow us out the door.  Sorry, Voy!  We have a cat back home.  She gets jealous.  You understand.


  1. I heart Voy. That is all.

    1. That's pretty much how I feel.

  2. Replies
    1. Apparently there are SEVERAL restaurants just like this in Paris! Wait till I do the Vienna ones. You'll pee your pants.

  3. Have you started referring to Dish as "chat de la maison?" Maybe my cats will behave better if I call them Chat!

    On a side note, I have a friend here in Houston who's last name is Chien :)

    1. I miss YOU, T Buns! You're going to Manchester so soon!! Matt and I decided to visit the UK in a couple years. This decision was made, of course, while we were in Europe. Are you excited?

      Haha, no, but I should! I think you might benefit from calling Captain and Zoe chats. They might think you're swearing and do whatever you tell them. :) Chien! Cute!