14 April 2012

Vienna: Formosa

You know what's a really fun idea that's also kind of ironic?  Going to an all-vegan restaurant, stuffing your face, then watching The Hunger Games.  LOL.  Oh, angsty distopic teens!  You so silly.

Barnabitengasse 6
1060, Vienna, Austria
+43 1 5811112

Formosa, recommended by Urban Housewife, is on one of those quintessentially European adorable, narrow, cobblestone alleyways with tall old buildings and no cars.  The inside of the small space is crammed floor-to-ceiling with vegan food and menus.  It is a restaurant or grocery store?  You decide.

With each entree, you're granted a soup or salad.  The salad's got lots of different lettuces, and the yummy vinaigrette allows the subtle flavor of each to blossom.  The soup is hot and brothy, full of herbs and perfectly boiled potatoes.  It's simple.  But you'll love it.

Hilariously, when Matt ordered the Schnitzel and I the Cordon Bleu, we thought we were gonna get two different-looking plates.  But no!  Why would we think that?  We're Americans, what do we know?

Upon tasting each, the genius in taste became clear and a method of distinguishing them emerged.  The Cordon Bleu at €8,00 ($10.47) came with a surprisingly good potato salad, for starters.  It was like a dip, almost - the cold, lemony, garlicky stuff tasted great by itself or on a bite of the "meat" (tee hee!).

And, ladies and gentlemen, let me tell you that this Cordon Bleu - which I'd never even had non-vegan - was heart-stoppingly good.  In a delicious way, not a clog-your-arteries way.  First of all, as you can see, it was breaded and fried.  Score!  Then you bite into it.  And you realize there are two types of fake meat in there.  AND MELTED VEGAN CHEESE.  You guys.  It was chewy and creamy, so dense I had to cut it with a knife, but not overly stringy like Gardein.  It was so good, I overate.  A SERIOUS indulgence for your intrepid author.  Fake meat + fake cheese = real delicious.  Aw yeah.

Matt's Schnitzel, at €8,00 ($10.47), had a different flavor that I can only describe as vaguely more... hammy.

Hey.  You expect me to know terms that describe the taste of meat?  In any case, it was fantastic.  The fries were also well-done; a nice combo of potato flavor and crispiness.

I stocked up on vegan candy bars, and of course since they had this beautiful pastry below I couldn't refuse.  I ate it later on and savored every mouthful.  It's flaky, bready, buttery, and filled with some magically wonderful creamy cream.  I had forgotten this taste, too.  You MUST try one.

Formosa made us ecstatic.  ... Then we saw The Hunger Games.

And we were still kind of ecstatic.

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