13 April 2012

Vienna: Phò Sài Gòn

... What?  You think I'm gonna go to Vienna and scarf down weinerschnitzel first thing?  Um, no.  Vietnamese, bitte.

Phò Sài Gòn
Naschmarkt 191
1040 Vienna, Austria
+43 1 5850224

Shelley and her equally fantastic hubby AJ lived in Vienna for a semester a few years back, so they were bursting with great travel advice.  Go to the Naschmarkt, they said.  Actually, Shelley wrote it on my map.  In capital letters.  So we went.

It's FULL of locally-owned restaurants, shops, and groceries, all laid out in a car-free, totally walkable area.  Unlike in the states, the locals who work here don't try to shove their services or products down your throat; they respect your right to choose on your own damn time.  So we chose Phò Sài Gòn.

Show me someone who can resist a perfect spring roll and I'll eat my hat.  (My straw fedora, I think.  Hay.) These contained rice noodles, grilled tofu, lettuce, sprouts, and basil. The sweet-and-sour-like sauce had a lovely dash of peanuts.  Put it all together in one bite?  YUM.

After making short work of those, we split the #98, Spicy Tofu with Vegetables.  The veggies were the best part - freshly crispy and doused in tasty sauce.  The tofu was pretty good.  Not the best, but slather anything in that sauce and I'm happy.  It had lots of flavor and a gentle, building heat; the spiciness didn't kick in till a few bites had gone by.

Hooray for vegan dessert!  Our server handed us each a bowl of soupy, sweetened, delicious coconut milk.  The sesame seeds added a nice nutty taste, and you know bubbles?  Like in bubble tea?  It had those, too!  FUN.  The stuff is prolly super fatty.  Good thing I don't care.

Our total was €15,60 ($20.41) - the itemized receipt I usually grab all the prices from seems to have evaporated.  I can tell you right now there are at least five other vegan options on the menu, including a glutenous rice paste dessert!

Bet it tastes better than it sounds.

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