14 April 2012

Vienna: Vollkornbäckerei Waldherr

You know the Naschmarkt?  Well, Matt and I were strollin' through, happy as could be, when this sign jumped out at me and pinned me where I stood.


Leik wo.

Vollkornbäckerei Waldherr
Vienna, Austria

You can see from Matt's careful photography that it came down to a choice between this bakery's two vegan items: a roll of bread, or a COOKIE SHAPED LIKE A BUNNY.

Who do you think I am?

I nabbed that cookie for €1,90 ($2.50).  A few hours later, we snagged a table at fancy-fancy Cafe Sacher - hellooo, Innere Stadt - and Matt had a... well, a couple fabulous and famous non-vegan items.  (Kay, the chocolate cappuccino smelled super good, though.)  I ordered... tea.  Big whoop.

I surreptitiously broke bits of my cookie off under the table, dipped 'em in my Assam Meleng, and nibbled away.  Now, the chocolate part sucked.  Too bitter.  But the rest of the cookie rocked.  Its creamy, fruity nougat stole the show.

Hope the fancy-fancy server didn't notice how many cookie crumbs I left in the bottom of my fancy-fancy teacup.

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