30 May 2012

Ann Arbor: Pilar's Tamales

Our very dear, very sweet, very adorable friend Tura got married this weekend in Ann Arbor.  She's a big part of why Matt and I wound up together, plus she sang at our wedding.  At hers, Matt DJed and I made 2 dozen of these cupcakes with help from Becca and John - a vegan accessory to the main non-vegan cake.  We were overjoyed that Tura married the very Tura-worthy man of her dreams.

We hadn't been to Ann Arbor before, but for only spending two full days in a new place we sure ate a lot of good food!  My little vegan belly was so happy.  This will be the first of 5 super exciting amazing spectacular vegan-filled Ann Arbor posts.

Please take your index finger, place it on the bottom of your chin, and press firmly upward.  You have nice teeth, I just don't want you to drool on your shirt.

Pilar's Tamales
2261 West Liberty St
Ann Arbor, MI  48103
(734) 929-4161

Pilar's Tamales catered a lovely lunch.  Thanks to the legendary hospitality of the bride, I had 4 vegan dishes to pick from.  So I had some of each.  Duh.

I started with a Spinach Tamale.  Hell yes.  It was full of creamy, tangy goodness.  Becca and I couldn't really taste the spinach because the other lovely flavors took over - and that was just fine.

Next I tucked into some awesome Casamiento - that's beans and rice to you non-French speakers.*  If you've ever had authentic small town Central or South American beans and rice, you know you'd rather have the kind with salt and flavor - this stuff definitely delivered on that front.

There was some yummy sour fresh coleslaw too.  Mix that with the Tamale, Casamiento, and the lovely Enchilada Sauce, and you are in vegan heaven.  The sauce isn't spicy, but like the rest of the food it doesn't skimp on good taste.  It's smooth and tangy.  Pilar's even used vegan Worcester Sauce in there.  Did you know Worcester Sauce usually has anchovies in it?  Now you do.

Everything led up to the final moment: sweet plantains.  I think they were roasted with brown sugar and cinnamon.  They melted in my mouth with amazing banana flavor.  I ran around asking people, "Have you tried these things?!  Fruit really IS nature's candy!"

Surprisingly, I was not locked in my hotel room for the rest of the weekend.

* Pilar's is Salvadorian, so I don't know where les escargots and les napoleons were.

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