30 May 2012

Ann Arbor: Tea Haus

Have you ever had high tea?  I think that question could best be rephrased as:  Are you British?  Well, I hadn't and I'm not.  So this was new for me.  Luckily, I cope well with change.  Also, Alana - Tura's awesome sister and maid of honor - arranged the whole thing and made absolutely sure I'd have something to eat.  I even got my high tea cheaper than the omnivores because I had fewer options than everyone else.  Don't worry - I was more than full by the end.  And all for just $10!

Tea Haus
204 North 4th Ave
Ann Arbor, MI  48104
(734) 622-0460

I tried three of the several billion teas offered, and upon ordering the first, I asked for soy milk with it.  My wish was granted.  That little porcelain vehicle got me through 800 cups of tea.

The first I tried was Strawberry Mint Lavender Black Tea.  I loved it.  Both fruity and minty, it made my mouth feel clean.  You may know that's not always a given with tea.  You may be British.

Next I tried the Iced Fruit Paradise Tea.  Yum!  It was refreshing yet dry, with a strong raspberry taste.

My last tea was Caramel Rooibos.  I tasted caramel and possibly coconut.  As Becca said, it tastes like Christmas.*  Bittersweet.

Now.  Get ready for these fancy and/or Victorian foods.

Cucumber Sandwiches!  Can you even stand it?  I couldn't.  So I ate them.  They're the triangular ones with white bread, vegan cream cheese, and fresh cucumber.  Everything about them was fancy and perfect, right down to the refreshing aftertaste.  I gotta make these at home.  Wonder if I could get the recipe.

The teakettle-shaped sandwich on wheat bread had apricot jam and vegan cream cheese.  This one was good, but a little bitter.  I liked the cukes better.

Next - Chocolate Strawberries.  To those of us who aren't fancy/British, that means fresh strawberries dipped in chocolate.  Who doesn't like those?  The delish chocolate definitely took a backseat to the tartness of the ripe strawberries.  And that was okay.

Um, okay.  Finally, it's time for me to relive this freakin' INCREDIBLE parfait.  In the immortal words of Donkey, "You know what else everybody like?  Parfaits.  Have you ever met a person you say, 'Hey, let's get some parfaits' and they say, 'Hell no, I don't like no parfaits.'  Parfaits are delicious."  Let's philosophize about the nature of the parfait.

Actually, let's talk about when I ate one.

The thing was made with cold coconut cream, sweet and thick as ice cream, as well as a luscious berry compote, toasted oats and coconut, and cashews.  Let me tell you, whoever decided to throw cashews in there is a genius.  The sweet and salty combo was heavenly.  The whole parfait had an amazing depth of flavor, with rich coconut and berry overtones.

If I could time travel, I'd go back to the time when I was eating that parfait.  Or my honeymoon.  Not really sure.

* Becca is Jewish.


  1. Your post almost makes me wish I was vegan! (Almost. The non-vegan high tea was pretty rockin' too.)

    Also, Bug *loved* the vegan cupcake you made for the wedding. Actually, I think I saw several of the kids go after your cupcakes. Way to rock the bakery!

    1. Aw, THANKS! Haha, your soy thing would make being vegan very interesting. I have a friend who tried being vegan and GF at the same time. Also interesting.

      I'm so glad she liked her cupcake! Cupcakes have a certain appeal to children, don't they? Those ones were messy, too!

      Alana, you're awesome.