05 May 2012

ask alli: the self-indulgence increases

I love my friends.  3 of my faves - Kasey, Jana, and Carla - met me for lunch today at Mill Valley Kitchen. We had a blast!  Alas, I cannot blog about the meal because Matt's camera is out of town with Matt.  I was too busy enjoying the company to take notes on my food, anyway.

Carla just decided to go vegan!  She's done 3 days so far, and she's loving it.  Her constant stomach ache is gone.  I sat next to her the whole time trying to keep a lid on my excitement.  I didn't want to be that person.  You know, like when you tell your mom that yes, you have finally taken kind of a liking to broccoli but only a little, and your mom gets SO inordinately happy which makes you not like broccoli after all?*

Nah.  Carla's too fabulous to be perturbed by my crazy projecting.  Anyway, she had lots of questions for me, like, "Is gelatin vegan?"  (No.)  "What do you eat for breakfast?"  (Amaranth with homemade granola and almond milk, washed down with OJ in a plastic Care Bears cup.)  And, "Whenever you decide to get pregnant, are you worried about staying vegan?  What about MARSHMALLOWS?"  (No, and yes.  What about marshmallows, indeed.)

Eventually Jana suggested I start taking questions on the blog; an Ask Alli feature, if you will.  I, ever the egomaniac, immediately latched onto the idea to feed my swelling vanity.  Plus, I can't eat out forever.  I don't want to run out of restaurants and have to do something drastic, like move to St. Paul.

So!  From here on in, feel free to submit questions to me in any medium you see fit.  I'll tell you anything you want to know about being vegan.  If you want, I can even post recipes.  Please, do not ask me how I got so awesome, unless you like looking directly into the sun.

* My own mother and I never had this problem, although on an unrelated note, please don't mention parasailing to her.  LOVE YOU MOM


  1. I have a very odd question, not really having to do with your being vegan... Since you mentioned pregnancy and children, if and when you decide to do the baby thing (wait lol), would you raise your children vegan? I only ask because I'm wondering how difficult (or not so difficult) that would be. Since they have so many nutritional needs as they grow. Just a random question that popped into my little head. Love your little bloggy thing, even though I'm not vegan. I love me some yummy food and pictures of yummy food =)

    1. I love this question! Thank you! I shall post about it soon. It'll be good. Food + babies = win. I'm so happy that you read this!