22 May 2012

Minneapolis: Galactic Pizza

You guys know the mugging rescue story, right?  Kay, about three years ago this woman got mugged in Minneapolis.  A Galactic Pizza delivery guy (Luke Pie-Rocker, dressed in the usual delivery-optimizing superhero outfit) ran after the mugger, wrestled away the woman's purse, and gave it back to her.  As Pie-Rocker said,
"I don't think I could have attained the necessary speed had I been in my civilian wear.  The spandex really helps.  It steamlines me.  Makes me more aerodynamic.  It allows me to pursue evildoers at nearly twice the speed of a pair of jeans and a T-shirt."
Can't really beat that.

Galactic Pizza
2917 Lyndale Ave S
Minneapoils, MN  55408
(612) 824-910

Why don't I just live on Lyndale?  I don't know.  That's a good question.

Galactic's recently been remodeled.  It was super wonderful and charming in a hole-in-the-wall kind of way before.  Now it's a place you can take your mom to!  So I did.  Why, with their GF pizza crusts, I could even take Sister there!  So I did.

The menu comes with 3D glasses (which you'll see below, behind my pizza).  It turns the menu into an intergalactic phenomenon.  There are a lot of vegan pizzas in space.  Who knew?

The vegan garlic cheese bread is totally worth your time, by the way.  Like you could resist.

I nabbed a small vegan Alamo for $13.10, mostly 'cause the three of us don't share food well.  I could've split this thing with someone.  It was yummy, full of an almost sweet, non-spicy BBQ sauce and melty vegan cheese.  The veggies were lovely, and the blend of flavors said to me, comfort food.  It freaked me out a little.  Vegans don't like it when their food talks.

Sister ordered a small GF pizza with bianca sauce and vegan cheese for $13.10.  She'd like you to know it tastes exactly like the same thing at Luce.  Nice and crispy, prolly sprinkled with garlic salt.  Delicious in its simplicity.

The Vegan Strawberry Cheesecake, $4.25, is going on your bucket list right now.  I don't care whether you're vegan - you have to eat a slice of this stuff before you die.  Or I'll kill you.  Think of all the wonderful Little Debbie flavors from your childhood.  It's like that, but better.  You can't tell it's vegan.  And I think $4.25 is a small price to pay for an out-of-body food experience.  It'll change your life.

All the vegan pizzas will delight and amaze you.  My favorite is the Second Harvest Heartland.  It's almost spicy and has these great wholesome, yet simple, yet also flavorful ingredients.  When you order one, Galactic donates a buck to Second Harvest Heartland, a non-profit that fights hunger.  Speaking of good deeds,* Galactic's superhero delivery men and women drive electric cars.

Our server, Aaron, was pretty awesome.  An "it-getter," as Mom would say.  He convinced her the wild rice on the Paul Bunyan pizza really does work.  Once Mom tasted it she agreed.  Pizza + rice = tasty.  Aaron knows.

Thanks for defending the universe, Galactic Pizza.  You're fighting the good fight, and you're fighting it with pizza.  Maybe it doesn't explode on contact or function in zero-g, but not even an intergalactic villain would want to destroy the planet when there's pizza to be had.  I just hope that when evil aliens do invade, Aaron is there to explain the rice thing.

* Show me when Galactic's NOT doing a good deed.  It's never.


  1. 1. The headless superpeople are totally freakin' me out right now, thanks for that before bed.

    2. I have to know what vegan cheesecake would be made out of.

    My brain was already hurting from trying to figure out the cheesecake, then you thrown in the damn headless superpeople. Curse you Sally Killtheball!

    I feel better now.

    1. LOL. Now. Share your headless gender-neutral superpeople nightmares please. And don't tell my middle school students about Killtheball - some of them are already snickering about my real last name. This would send them over the edge.

      I don't know what these guys make it out of, but when I make it (and pretty much just as good), I use Tofutti cream cheese and sour cream. It's super easy.

  2. It's Pie-Rocker, not Walker. Jeez.