20 May 2012

Minneapolis: Ginger Hop

The trick to writing is being able to stop cramming your face with cookies long enough to type.  This is a skill I am currently honing.  With practice, I hope to improve.

Becca, why do you have to make such good cookies?

Ginger Hop
201 E Hennepin Ave
Minneapolis, MN  55414
(612) 746-0305

Oops, I just ate another one.

Fresh Spring Rolls *
My homies over at Mill City Vegan and Minnesota Vegan have shared their fabulous dining experiences at Ginger Hop, and because Matt and I enjoy knowing ahead of time that food won't suck, we decided to check the place out.  By a happy coincidence, old friend Anna and new friend Fiona happened to be in the neighborhood and willing to join us.  To the noms, friends!

Cookies, just go away.  I can't eat you all day.

Ginger Hop has a great southeast Asian-inspired menu, its handful of vegan dishes prominently labeled.  Plus, the menu says the place composts all the food you don't finish.  Bonus points, Ginger Hop.

Fiona suggested we share the Fresh Spring Rolls with tofu for $5.50.  We can see why Anna keeps her around.  The rolls were delish.  If you don't mind dropping bits of food down your shirt, you will love these.  The veggies were fresh and crisp, and the peanuts nice and crunchy.  The real star here, though, was the dipping sauce.  It was the perfect blend of salty and tangy.

Steven Segal Burger *
Having caught on to Fiona's winning streak, I copied her and ordered the Steven Segal Burger for 9 bucks.  Now, I don't know who Steven Segal is, really.  I've heard his name and can pronounce it.  But I just looked him up on Google and discovered he's a reserve deputy sheriff, if you can trust Wikipedia these days.  His namesake burger says yes.  (Perhaps he and Dwight Schrute should get together.)

Enough witty commentary!  I must tell you how awesome this meal was.  The server will offer the choice of sweet potato fries, wonton crisps, or a side salad to go with your Steven Segal Burger.  I, like a vegan boss, chose the salad.  It came with fresh and crispy mixed greens, red bell pepper, carrot, and bean sprouts.  The dressing was fruity - yum!  And somehow floral.  I enjoyed it.

Yellow Curry *
The burger was basically a sloppy Joe.  An amazing, inexplicably divine sloppy Joe.  It was spicy yet addictive, full of tempeh, fresh veggies, and that sauce.  What a sauce.  This place, I'm telling you, knows how to make sauce.

Fiona and Matt got sweet potato fries with their entrees, so I stole a few.  YUM!  They're nice and crispy.  Think of the best sweet potato fries you've ever had.  You're thinking of these.  They came with spicy, barbeque-y ketchup for Matt (possibly because he ordered the Fish and Chips) - and it was also super tasty.  Amazing sauce #3.

Anna let me try her Yellow Curry, which was $10 and slathered in amazing sauce #4.  Heavy on the coconut milk and crispy veggies, this thing was full of flavor.  I found the taste comforting and spicy. I'm actually not sure if I could tell you whether I liked the burger or the curry better.  Both favorite.

We hoped to try dessert, but alas!  None were vegan.  It's okay.  Now I have infinite cookies.

Maybe just five.

* Matt's camera malfunctioned.  AKA, I may or may not have been distracted by Anna and Fiona's wonderful personalities and forgotten to take pictures.

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