13 May 2012

Minneapolis: Pepito's

Or is it Pepitos?  The website makes it rather unclear whether there's actually an apostrophe.  Perhaps they're indecisive.  Well, Pepito, I forgive you, but only because your food makes me want to live at your house.

4820 Chicago Ave S
Minneapolis, MN  55417
(612) 822-2104

My aunt and uncle* have been coming here for date night every Thursday for as long as I can remember.  If you look hard enough, I suspect you could find a secluded wooden pillar with their initials carved into it.  If you're lucky, maybe you'd find some extra chips, too.

The first drops of magic you'll experience here are the free chips and salsa.  All you can eat.  Remember when every Mexican restaurant used to give you those, but now they make you pay?  Well, they can suck it.  We always knew Pepito's was better than them.

The corn chips are awesome: dense, crispy, and great with salt.  Becca and I have this tradition of practically removing the cap from the salt shaker and pouring it over chips.  It's good.  Also great not to be at that age where you start worrying about how much salt you imbibe.

The server gives you a choice between mild and hot salsa, so we requested both, which was still free.  The salsa on the left is mild and DELICIOUS.  It has a nice onion and garlic bite that amps up the fresh quality.  The salsa in the jar on the right is the hot stuff, which came with a chunk of pineapple.  We are never opposed to pineapple.  The salsa's spicyness is there, but not out of hand.  I could take a bite of it and have another bite right away without a sip of water in between - it was right at the heat threshold.  Yum.

Becca and I shared Veggie Fajitas.  It's an idea that sprang fully formed from Shelley's enormous brain - last time we came here, the three of us shared the same order.  It's a lot of food.  When you order this amazing plate for $16, you'll need to specify that you're not interested in either of the choices on the menu (beef or chicken), but that you'd rather have veggies.  To go totally vegan, when requesting the two sides that go along with the dish, ask for both to be black beans.  And no cheese with that.

One of the best parts of ordering fajitas is the way they come to you on a hot cast-iron pan still sizzling from the stove.  Everyone in the room stares jealously over as you grab a tortilla and load it with steaming awesomeness.  Then everyone in the room orders fajitas.

There are a few vegan things you can get here, but I think Becca and Shelley would agree when I say the fajitas are the best.  THE BEST.  The peppers are fresh, crispy, and hot, prepared with lovely spices.  Pineapple chunks are mixed in there, too!  The beans are perfect and creamy.  They're everything beans should be.  When that stuff hits my esophagus, I feel warm all over.  Comfort food times a grillion.  The tortillas, guac, and iceberg complete the experience.

I think the iceberg is meant to form a salad, judging by the tomatoes and olives sprinkled on top.  But.  Who would eat a salad when you have a FAJITA?!

In perusing other options on the menu, keep in mind that many items have sneaky meat slipped in.  The rice is cooked in chicken broth and the refried beans are prepared with lard.  Make sure you check with your server when ordering.

Best Mexican in town.  I wonder if Pepito has any rooms to rent.

* If you live in South Minneapolis and you heard a rockin' party last night that you're totes jelly you weren't at, sorry for the noise.  My aunt and uncle host a mean family bash.  That, plus the angry horseshoe-obsessed drunk guys across the street, probably made your Saturday night lame.  Sorry you had to stare at the wall in sheer envy while listening to us have fun.


  1. I'm famous! Just showed this to Mike and we are equally impressed with your writing skills. And of course that you love our favorite resturant. Hugs!!! Ree

  2. Alli, I have given this to my favorite server Laura at Pepito's. Love you! Ree

    1. Awesome! Thanks Ree! Love you!