01 June 2012

Ann Arbor: Grizzly Peak Brewing Company

This was a desperate situation.  We'd been frantic all morning with cupcakes and DJ prep, so when lunchtime came and we still weren't done, we knew we had to eat.  FAST.  And get back to work.  I had brought a Google list of several vegan-friendly places and their addresses for emergencies like this.  I busted it out.  Roughly thirty seconds later we settled on Jazzy Veggie.

We zoomed downtown, only to find that the place was closed.  Sundays.  Ugh.

The situation reached Defcon III.  Becca had a scary gleam in her eye.*

John pointed across the street - Hark!  Another place on our list: Grizzly Peak!  Make haste!

We should have known better.  GOOGLE should have known better.

Grizzly Peak Brewing Company
120 West Washington St
Ann Arbor, MI  48104
(734) 741-7325

Becca and I flew through a conversation with the bartender about vegan and vegetarian options for fast take-out.  The only vegan things are bruschetta and certain pizzas - without the cheese.

I got bruschetta.  Seven bucks.  Done.

It nearly filled my belly.  And it wasn't too bad.  The olives luckily didn't make me want to puke.  The soggy bread still held the mixture.  And the tomatoes tasted fresh and garlicky!  That was a plus.

All in all... I was glad for my Luna Bar.

* #1 Rule of being friends with Becca: always have food.  She may look tiny, but I assure you her stomach is the size of the Enterprise.  (It's collapsible.  She's all about efficient storage.)

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