29 June 2012

Yongin: Gecko's

Before coming here, I'd only heard glowing reviews of Gecko's veggie burgers eight, maybe nine times.  Shelley's good at making you anticipate stuff. Plus, the restaurant is at the top of that high-rise.  There's a whole garden up there when you sit outside.  Can this country get any better?

While you were pondering that question, it already did get better.  It's freakin' Korea.

1266-2 Bojeong-dong
Giheung-gu, Yongin-si, Gyeonggi-do
South Korea
(82-31) 262-9974

Time to reach to your inner Engrish-loving teenager and giggle at this menu with me.  You're looking at the famed veggie burger - the Wellbeing Burger for W11,500 ($9.93).  Read the description.

I love me some burgers without the neat.

Gecko's menu is very Westernized for Korea.  Don't expect many other menus around here to have this much English.  Lucky for you, Gecko's has a few locations in the Seoul area.  If you're just off the plane, this'd be a great place for you.

Because tap water can be sketchy for anyone with lady bits, I grabbed a peach iced tea.  It was sweet and really good.  I mean, really good.  There was nothing artificial in the flavor - these guys know how to do tea.

[EDIT - Thanks to a friendly comment, now we know the iced tea is a Lipton packet mixed with water.  As my lady bits seem fine, I assume the water is safe and/or filtered.]

The burger came with a salad - mixed greens.  However.  There were super bitter leaves mixed in with romaine.  I nearly choked, so Shelley grabbed the olive oil and balsamic vinegar dressing.  She whisked it with her fork for about two minutes like we were in her kitchen, telling me, "You have to emulsify it."  Who DOES that?*

When it comes to food, Shelley is always right.  Duh.  Emulsified dressing and a little salt later, the salad was much improved.  I even enjoyed the diversity of lettuce.

The burger, though.  Man.  That thing is every bit as mind-blowing as Shelley described.  The 2 patties have both been fried and crammed with yummy flavor.  Add mustard and ketchup and you've got yourself an enormously satisfying meal.  We split the burger in half and both got full to bursting.  My fingers wound up dripping with condiments.

The meal may not have been Korean, but I have plenty of time left for that while I'm here.  It was worth it to see everyone's faces when they had bread with crust for the first time in months.

* Moreover, who does that after they've had a strong drink at the end of a long work day?


  1. The peach iced tea at Geckos is very good, but just so you know, it's Lipton instant tea. Mix the powder with water (maybe tap) and voila!
    It is however a very nice place to eat, and the "wellbeing" burger is one of my favorites, and I'm not even vegetarian.

    1. Thanks for the insight! How helpful! YES. That burger is magic.