23 June 2012

off to Korea

Oh, muffins!  I'm going to Korea in a mere couple of hours!  I'll be visiting my favorite people in all of Asia, Chairman Mao and Ho Chi Minh.

NAH.  They're not my favorite people in Asia.  Shelley and AJ are my favorite.  Sorry, commies.  I'll visit you if I got time, but I'm sure I'll be pretty busy.

Il Gatto Giallo Cucina
Thanks to Shelley's 4 months of experience living in Seoul, we know going vegan is tough.  Like, really tough.  Ordering food without any animal products is almost impossible because of the language barrier and because Koreans think you're super weird for ordering something without fish.  Fish broth, fish sauce, fish whatever - it's in everything.

[EDIT - Shelley says the fish is easier to avoid than I'd suspected.  Booyah.]

I'm a little terrified.  At least my vegan fail at Amazing Thailand prepared me a bit.  That didn't taste like fish.  So... hopefully the rest of what I eat in Korea also won't taste like fish?  Moreover, I need to perfect my eating-around-the-meat skills, because apparently when you say "no pork," sometimes there's still a pile of beef in the middle of your noodles.

It's okay.  I'm bringing a grillion Luna and Cliff Bars and 2 gallons of homemade granola.*  And I'll tell you guys about every restaurant I visit.  I'm definitely excited about all the kimchi.

See you in Seoul, muffins!

* Shelley and I will systematically devour every oat, seed, and particle of coconut therein.  It will be scary.  We'll be on ESPN2's Granola Wars.

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