29 June 2012

Yongin: Jamba Juice

I've always wanted to post about Jamba.  Why not do it in Korea?  True, the menu's a little different.  And instead of calling your name when it's time to collect your smoothie, they page you on a buzzer, which you're given at the time of your order.  But you can go there by yourself, leave your purse on a table you can't see, and not waste an ounce of worry on it while you go to the counter.  This country wins.

Jamba Juice
Bora-dong 623-1
Giheung-gu, Yongin-si, Gyeonggi-do
South Korea
(82-31) 80091234

Vegans at Jamba have it made.  Just order off the All Fruit section of the menu.  Duh.  In the States, try the Fruit and Veggie Smoothies; I love all three.  They don't even really taste like vegetables - the fruit flavor carries much more strongly in each.

Today I nabbed a Five Fruit Frenzy, W6,500 ($5.67) at the original size.  Your five fruits are strawberry, blueberry, banana, peach, and mango.  Anything that mixes mango with berries is my favorite.  The smoothie is creamy, tart, and bursting with flavor.  It's sometimes trial and error with Jamba - their smoothies can be too tart - but that's not the case with the Five Fruit.  The low-key sweetness of the bananas grounds the taste.

Ahh.  Now that I've had my morning Jamba, I will punch the sky.  If you see a rainbow blur ricocheting around Gangnam today, that's me.  Or Wonder Woman.  Either way, say hi.*

* She must be vegan.  I mean, she has superpowers.

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