29 July 2012

Bloomington: (Sister's) Starbucks

Ta-da!  Sister works here.  She's so innovative she could run her own coffee shop or write a fun drink recipe book.  If you visit, ask for Birdy,* and she'll make you something amazing.  Even if you're like Matt and have no idea what you want.  Ever.

2555 W 79th St
Bloomington, MN  55431
(952) 888-7701

This happens to be the Starbucks inside the Bloomington Target.  Did you know there were Starbucks inside Targets?  It's like a dream within a dream.  Er something.

First, let's talk ingredients.  I asked Sister if it'd be easier to list vegan items or non-vegan items, and to my relief, she said it's easier to tell you what you shan't be consuming.  (Yep, I said shan't.)

Starbucks Ingredients That Are Not Vegan:
  • Milk (Well.)
  • White mocha
  • Whey protein powder (found in Vivanno Smoothies)
  • Chocolate chips (found in Double Chocolate Chip Frappccino, Java Chip Frappuccino, and Mocha/Chocolate Cookie Crumble)
  • Whipped cream
  • Caramel sauce (used as topping in some drinks)
  • Chocolate cookie sprinkles (also a topping)
That's it.  Everything else is fair game.  If the barista is like, "Do you want classic syrup in that?" and you're like, "WTF is classic syrup?" you can just check that little list.  It ain't on there.  So yes, you do want classic syrup in that, and you want it now.  'Cause it's good.  You can also order any drink without the above ingredients - for example, get a Vivanno Smoothie without protein powder or milk, or order a hot chocolate without milk or whipped cream.  You'll be wanting soymilk instead.

Speaking of soymilk, Starbucks' is a little too soy-tasting.  I find that in a soy hot chocolate I wind up being so distracted by the taste of the soymilk that I can't enjoy the chocolate.  But you can solve that problem by grabbing a shot of hazelnut.  Mm.

Now for the super special drink.  Sister calls it the Banana Cream Pie.  I also call it the Banana Cream Pie.  So we're in agreement.  It's not on the menu, mind you.  She found the recipe in this rather amazing unusual drink recipe book under the counter and improved upon it until it became what you see in the picture.

It somehow really does taste like a banana cream pie.  The cinnamon is key, as is the entire blended banana.  That being said, the fruit flavor isn't overpowering.  It really is a fantastic smoothie-type drink.

How, you say, can you also enjoy this spectacular off-the-menu treat?  Why, I shall tell you.  I'll give you Sister's recipe here - and it probably won't make any more sense to you than it does to me - then you give it to a Starbucks barista.  If she's not busy.  And there's nobody behind you.

Banana Cream Pie
  1. 2/3/4 pumps coffee (optional)
  2. Soy to bottom line
  3. Blender (pink soy)
  4. Banana
  5. 1/2/2 pumps toffee nut
  6. 1/2/2 pumps cinnamon dolce
  7. 1/2/3 scoops vanilla bean
  8. 1/2/3 creme base (even with coffee frap roast)
  9. Tall/grande ice
  10. Blend
  11. Cinnamon sugar on top
And that is a Sister original.  Well, except for step 4 she actually wrote "Blanabba," and step 10 was "BLEND THAT B*TCH."  Poor dear.  We're looking into assisted living.

There you have it, vegans!  Starbucks is now yours to command.  Take control.  Order yourself something crazy.  Just don't cross the streams.

* Despite my sophisticated turn of phrase, you don't actually have to "ask for" Birdy.  You'll be able to read the baristas' nametags.  Unless you're illiterate.  In which case you're doing a really good job of reading right now, so stop telling people you're illiterate, you piece.


  1. Hehe I totally saw her there today. It was seriously the first time I had been to Bloomington Target in like two years. I didn't see the name tag but I did see the tall, short-haired version on Alli. I put it all together and said to myself, yup, that's her. (Yeah, I'm smart like that) And yes, she looks quite different than the last time I saw her. Think elementary school Sister... The hair... =)

    Oh, and Imma so going to try that drink! Anything banananana has to be good!

    1. Haha! Yes, her hair is no longer a cross between an afro and a feather duster. And doesn't that Target just remind you of childhood?

      You'll love this drink. It's incredible.