17 July 2012

Bloomington: Tandoor

I grew up in B-town.  That was when I ate cheese.  But you know what?  B-town's better than Mankato.  Any vegan can tell you that much.  And Tandoor is my new favorite B-town eatery.  It's one million times better than Pho Saigon.

8062 Morgan Circle S
Bloomington, MN 55420
(952) 885-9060

Like at any Indian place, there's a whole vegetarian section in the menu.  All you need to do is pick something that doesn't say butter, cream, or ghee.  When you order it's a good idea to specify you don't want ghee anyway.

We ordered, then blinked maybe twice, and our food appeared.  The naan - which I asked for without ghee - was $1.55 and perfect.  Just what you're looking for in naan - warm, floury, and crispy and chewy at the same time.

Matt and I shared Baigan Bharta at 11 bucks and it was just barely enough food.  Next time we come back I'd either order an appetizer in addition to this one or get two separate dishes.  Our plate was at their medium spice level, but I'd call it mild.  It was really good - smoky, salty, cilantro-y, and full of flavor.  We practically licked the plate clean.

Okay, I practically licked the plate clean.  Matt wouldn't even do that figuratively.  Captain Adventure, indeed.

Becca grabbed Chaka Aloo for $11, also at medium.  The chickpeas and potatoes were spicy and delicious with a lovely lingering flavor.  However, in a cruel twist of fate that forcibly reminded us of Mankato, Becca's onions tasted like nothing.

Not quite as wonderful as Best of India, but better for vegans than most other places in B-town.  Who can complain when there's a big steaming curry in your face?*

* Probably Mittens.  I'd like to shove a big steaming curry in HIS face.

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