17 July 2012

FAIL! Edina: Edina Grill

Sometimes a veganFAIL means I'll go back some other time and try again, having learned from my mistake.  This time it means I'm never going back, just like how Harry is never going back to the Dursleys'.

Edina Grill
5028 France Ave S
Edina, MN 55410
(952) 927-7933

'Member when I went to Longfellow Grill, which is basically the same restaurant and in fact has the exact same menu as the Edina Grill?  Despite the crowd, music, and super busy waitstaff at Longfellow, I wound up eating a surprisingly delicious Veggie Burrito, which I simply ordered without cheese and sour cream.  Voila.

I went to the Edina Grill and drew on my considerable vegan expertise.  First, I made sure Sister and I had a copy of the food allergy menu, which is what we ordered from at Longfellow.  Rocket science.  You keeping up so far?  Next, I ordered the exact same thing I'd ordered at Longfellow: the Veggie Burrito with no cheese or sour cream.  Just in case there was any confusion, I told our server I'm vegan.  Sister ordered some gluten free pasta.

I had barely taken a bite of my burrito when I realized it was all stringy on the inside.  Darn you, cheese!  Darn you to heck!  Not only that, but there was EGG in there!  Upon further inspection, Talia discovered they had crammed a whole cheesy omelette inside.

At least Sister seemed to be enjoying her gluten free pasta.

When our server returned, I politely pointed out that there was cheese and egg in the burrito - and she cut over my words to tell me I hadn't mentioned egg when I ordered.  I conceded that point and asked for fries, because she wasn't giving me any helpful suggestions for what I could order that's actually vegan, nor did she imply she would check with the kitchen.  I have had so many helpful servers since I turned vegan, but she was not one of them.

Mom and Talia tried to argue her on my behalf; after all, I had used the word vegan when I'd ordered, the burrito had cheese in it, the burrito at Longfellow had been vegan, and what I'd received looked more like the Breakfast Burrito on the menu than the Veggie.  The server attempted to debate them, but wound up instead promising to get the manager.

Five minutes later, she came back, all smiles.  She'd just taken my order off the bill.

Five minutes after I got home, Sister texted me to tell me she was sick.  There had been gluten in her pasta.

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