30 July 2012

Minneapolis: The Donut Cooperative

Wake up, Captain Adventure!  Time to honor your namesake, Minneapolis-style, beginning with the breakfast of champions: doughnuts!

The Donut Cooperative
2929 E 25th St
Minneapolis, MN  55406
(612) 516-3626

The fact that I'd missed vegan doughnuts in Seattle drove me here.  Nah, that's a lie.  I would've come here anyway.  Vegan doughnuts in my very own city!  Who'd have thought.  I love you, Minneapolis.

If you South Minneapolis folks recall Cake Eater, which used to sell lots of delicious vegan and non-vegan baked items, you know this place.  It's taken up residence in the old joint.  There was a dark time between Cake Eater and The Donut Cooperative, when I wandered in here, lost and alone, looking for a vegan... well, anything.  I was disappointed.  I ambled away, head down and hopes dashed.  How could fate be so cruel?

But now, vegans are back in the game.  The Donut Coop offers vegan doughnuts, cookies, cakes, whoopies, and more.  So, uh.  Matt and I ordered pretty much one of everything.  But vegans beware: their chai mix is made with condensed milk.  You don't want none of that.

Yesterday morning, the place only had one kind of vegan doughnut: iced coconut vanilla, $2.  I'm not really one for super sweet coconut, but I went for it.  Duh.  Vegan doughnut.

Oh.  My.  Agawd.  It's like a Krispy Kreme.  That texture and bite is a total blast from my past, when I used to eat doughnuts at will.  Very well done, little doughnut fox!

One problem, however.  It's a personal problem.  (Don't worry.  I'm not going to talk about pus-filled blisters, just allude to them.)  As I mentioned above, super sweet coconut isn't my thing.  I couldn't get through half of the doughnut because of it.  Matt, however, will tell you that it's a perfectly wonderful flavor.  Since I trust his judgement (unless we're talking about RPGs), I can tell you that you will probably enjoy this thing.

We hold no responsibility for our subsequent actions.  It was morning!*  We were hungry.  We didn't know what we were doing.  I saw all those vegan labels in the bakery case and went just a teensy-weensy bit overboard... and ordered two more super sugary morsels.

On the left is the Vegan Chocolate Chip Cookie for $1.50.  The girl behind the counter told us it's very popular, and for good reason!  You know how salt can take a perfectly good cookie and raise it to legend if used correctly?  This is a perfect example of that principle.  Lots of salt = lots of yum.  In Matt's words, it's a heavy cookie - full of good, dense, moist texture.  Delicious.

On the right is the Vegan Strawberry Vanilla Whoopie for $2.50.  Is that not just the cutest little pie you ever did see?  That thing was very well done also - it had a more subtle flavor that spoke to the quality of the cookie portion.  The strawberry filling impressed us, too, with it's marshmallow-like texture and sweet flavor.

All three of these items were super high-quality baked goods.  However, at this point, the sugar kicked our butts.  Defeated, I grabbed my wallet and headed back inside.  When I came back out, I had a slice of savory Vegan Pizza for $4!

That was a fun pizza.  Although the crust was super difficult to cut with a fork... or a butter knife... I eventually just picked it up to bite and things improved.  The light brown bits were this super yummy fried mixture with tahini, and the darker bits were basil-filled pesto deposits.  The garlicky sauce and sun-dried tomatoes tasted great, too.  Altogether, an expertly flavored slice.

Sitting outside, nomming our eccentric breakfast under the sun - it was lovely.  Setting ourselves up for a sugar crash?  We didn't care.  That's what movie theaters are for.

* I am not a morning person.  Just because I spring energetically out of bed at 6am every day of my life to throw some shorts on and go for a run does not mean I'm a morning person.


  1. Alli Kins you are a much morninger person than a lot of people. Dane and I don't even talk to each other for an HOUR after we wake up. At all!

  2. Hahaha, well sometimes you just can't look your man in the eye until you get the crust out of yours!