20 July 2012

Seattle: Caffe Vita

It's a super down-to-earth local coffee shop chain with the feel of an independently-owned hostel.  Maybe the backpackers were just out en force that day.  But they sure looked like they owned the place, with their Merrell hiking shoes and their mustaches.

Caffe Vita
125 Prefontaine Pl
Seattle, WA  98104
(206) 652-8331

Obviously, I came for the chai.  However, Mom noticed this place has a kick pizza oven - the kind they use at Punch Pizza, you know, where you stick your pie on a big wooden paddle and slide it into a fire or something.  Sure enough, after a little digging, I found that this particular location doubles as the Pizzeria Napoletana between 11am-4pm during the week.  So you can... dip your pizza... in your coffee?

My chai was $3.70 with soymilk in my travel mug.  I liked this one a lot - it had this unique flavor that might have been cardamom.  It was sweet, but the spiciness balanced it out well.

This cookie-looking thing is a Chew-E Core for $2.50.  It's locally made, gluten free, dense, chewy, and with all the coconut and granola-type sweetness, it's more of an energy bar than a cookie.  It even has its own facebook page.

Together, the chai and the Chew-E Core* tided me over till our super spectacular Thai lunch.

* I can't help lolling whenever I type that.  Mostly because it reminds me simultaneously of cat treats and Wookies.

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