29 July 2012

Seattle: (the first) Starbucks

Okay, so I pretty much hate chain franchises most of the time, and it's kind of silly to go to a chain while you're traveling because you could have the same experience at home and why not go to an independently-owned coffee shop?  But you guys.  It's the FIRST Starbucks.

And I kind of like Starbucks.

1912 Pike Pl
Seattle, WA  98101
(206) 448-8762

Some might call this a tourist trap.*  I waited in a line for 45 minutes that started two shops down from the door.  But the people watching was great, and a Korean or Japanese mother and daughter were right in front of me in line and took pictures of each other every time they moved up a few feet.  It was pretty cute.  I got to even take a picture of them at one point.  I may or may not have held up the daughter's smart phone with the camera facing me instead of them.

* It's a tourist trap.

Once I made it inside, I saw several hard-working baristas behind the counter and one 20-ish tall guy in an apron doing crowd control.  See him?  He's in the middle-left of the picture with his head turned away.  He talked to everybody who came through that line like they were his best friend.  Somebody knows how to cast.

Of course, the entire time I was in line I fretted over what to order.  It was hot out, so I wanted something iced.  I get sick every time I have a Starbucks Soy Chai Latte (not sure why!), so that was out.  I don't like coffee.  And I certainly didn't want to get a plain old iced tea.  Starbucks iced tea is really good, mind you, but it wasn't special enough for this occasion.

In the end I ordered a Grande Iced Vanilla Rooibos Soy Tea Latte in my travel mug for $4.25.  I'm totally one of those people - who speaks Starbuckese.  But to be honest, it comes in handy when you're vegan.

This drink, though, was SUPER good.  I was surprised, especially because I had never ordered it before.  It was sweet-but-not-too-sweet, and tasted like honey over ice cream, somehow.  But in tea form.  Honey over ice cream is a taste I have been searching for since I turned vegan, and I was delighted to find it in this most unexpected of places.  Props to Starbucks!

Now, muffins, here's the exciting part: this post has a part two.  In the second part, I'm taking you to the Starbucks that Seestor works at and giving you not only all the insider info on what ingredients are vegan, but also a recipe for a super fantastic drink that you can order at any Starbucks.

Try not to wet your pants with excitement until after you drink this drink.

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