29 July 2012

Seattle: Lola

The penultimate Seattle post.  You guys are going to love the last one.  Yes, possibly even more than this amazing Greek place.

Two words for you today, muffins: vegan kebabs.

2000 4th Ave
Seattle, WA  98121
(206) 441-1430

Good Greek places are hard to find.  Greasy street vendor or fast food Greek places are much easier, but we don't care about those.  Puh.  Leeze.  I'd like to eat something that doesn't give my entire body an oil stain, thanks.

Lola has mid-range prices, but you're going to laugh when I tell you how much Mom's Ginger Beer was: $1,000,000.

Just kidding.  It was $6.75.  For a single non-alcoholic drink.  Seriously.  Well, it was locally made with cane sugar, and high on lemon and ginger flavor.  Tasted light and refreshing.  But it was still practically seven bucks.  Which is practically a million bucks.

We shared the Fava Skordalia, much more reasonably priced at $3.75.  The pita, in the right-hand bowl, was warm, moist, and perfectly olive oiled and herbed.  The skordalia was yummy!  Being so used to the potato-based skordalia at It's Greek to Me, I picked up on the faint beany taste here.  Lola's is a bit less garlicky as well.  I guess people who frequent fancy downtown Seattle restaurants inside hotel buildings don't like monster garlic breath for some reason.  Wusses.

Get ready to drool.  I present to you the Portobella Kebab for $13, which comes with oyster and portobella mushrooms, cipollini onions, garlic, a salad of tomatoes, cucumbers, red onions, and olives, and a magic garlicky tomato-based sauce.  Make sure you ask the server to leave the feta out of your salad.  The mushrooms, as you can see, were tender and grilled to utter perfection.  And I don't even like mushrooms!*  When you combine the salad, mushrooms, and sauce in a folded pita and take a big delicious bite, you will just explode.  It'll be messy, but worth every dribble.  Just make sure you cover your entire lap with your napkin.  And savor that sauce.  This was a five-star entree.

Hooray!  Vegan dessert.  Apricot sorbet.  It was tart, sweet, and surprisingly yummy.  It had a big authentic taste.  For some reason it took about 20 or 30 minutes for our server to bring it out to me, but it was only $3.  The perfect finish to a delicious meal.

Because this was the last meal I had with Mom in Seattle, I'd like to take this opportunity to say:
You're the best Mom.  And thanks for instilling a love for travel deep in my core at a young age.  It has grown into what some would call a scary soul-eating compulsion, but meh!  Whatever blows your skirt up.  Love you, Mom!

* One of these days I'll be able to admit I like mushrooms and that I chose to eat a portobella steak at my own wedding.  Because 200 of my nearest and dearest didn't see me eating it.  Shh.

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