23 July 2012

Seattle: Mexico Cantina y Cocina

This place puts the meh in Mexico.

Do you like that line?  I'm pretty pleased, not gonna lie.  See, apparently there's another Mexican place in Seattle - Mama's - that serves tofu fajitas.  Mom and I realized this only after eating at Meh-xico.  Oh well!  First world problems will be first world problems or something.

Mexico Cantina y Cocina
600 Pine St, 4 Fl
Seattle, WA  98101
(206) 405-3400

Our customary free chips and salsa were pretty great.  Some of the chips were stale, but Mom says that's how you can tell they make the chips themselves.  I would like to add that that's also how you can tell exactly how old the chips they make themselves are.  The salsa had lots of garlicky fresh flavor, and with some extra salt, the warm crispy chips made it a good combo.

I over-ate at this point.  Not a proud moment.

We got a small guac for $6, and were satisfied but unimpressed.  It had too many tomatoes and not enough spice or garlic.  It was, however, better than a sharp stick in the eye.*

My entree?  Grilled Veggie Fajitas for $15.  I told the server I'm vegan, and the dish came without cheese, sour cream, or lardy beans.  I didn't have to order it without meat, though, which was nice for a change!  (Usually you have to pick the chicken fajitas and ask for it without the chicken.  SUPER COOL.)  The fajitas included fabulously spicy, hot, smoky peppers, zucchini, onion, asparagus, and portobellos.  Throw that in a tortilla with guac, pico, and pinto beans, and you got yourself a happy vegan.  But I could only force down one tortilla-full.  Thanks to all those nice salty stupid CHIPS.

Final thoughts: this was a filling and enjoyable meal, if a bit boring.  It was on the fourth floor of a mall downtown, so we had a nice view, but I would recommend trying Mama's.  I didn't make it there, but if it has tofu fajitas how could you not?  Let me know how you like it.

* Just tryin' to keep it on the positive side.  I got lots of comments along those lines, such as "Least we're not Jews in Germany in 1941."

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