27 July 2012

Seattle: Plum Bistro

Have you ever been so tired you could just curl up on the sidewalk and close your eyes for 8 whole hours in spite of the pokings of strangers and rain drops and whatever smelly viscous liquid that puddle contains?  Kay, I was like 99% of the way there.  The ONLY thing that kept me walking - uphill, mind you - was the promise of an all-vegan restaurant.  That might have been the longest mile of my entire life.  It was so worth it.

1429 12th Ave
Seattle, WA  98122
(206) 838-5333

Seattle's got a smattering of 100% vegan restaurants, but I'm glad we came to this one.  It has the urban-beauty feel of having been built out of an old garage by Etsy, and the menu is pricey, but quite impressive.  They cater to gluten free vegans, even!  I wish we could've had lots of meals here so I could try more of the menu - there are burgers, veggies, salads, pasta dishes, tempeh and tofu-centered items, and pizzas.

OH AND THEY USE DAIYA.*  It's stupid how great that menu is.

It ain't every day you see Boylan Creme Soda, made without corn syrup.  I ordered a bottle for $3.  Of course it had pure cane sugar, so it was sweet and yummy.  I savored it like the teetotaler I am.

Mom, who looks great, especially for being none-of-your-beeswax years old, doesn't like to eat creamy sauces because she has a well-maintained figure to maintain.  She was happy to find the it-doesn't-count-because-it's-vegan loophole in the Scalloped King Trumpets with white wine cream sauce and fettuccine for $17.  I found the taste very unique - I'd never had trumpet mushrooms before.  They were squeaky, chewy, tender, and sour all at once.  The sauce was delicious and derived from high-quality wine (unlike the wine sauces I make in my kitchen, like the teetotaler I am), and the roasted garlic gave the dish a nice finish.  Mom gave it her stamp of approval.  And by stamp, I mean she paid for it.

If I had been more awake, I might have agonized over what to order and what would be best thing to show you guys, etc., etc.  Luckily, I saw the words signature dish and went for it: the Spicy Cajun Mac 'n' Yease for $8 from the appetizer section of the happy hour menu.  The non-happy hour price is $9.

I couldn't have been more pleased.  The texture was so creamy and warm and perfect - comfort food to the core.  It wasn't actually too spicy, which, considering my state of mind, was probably for the best.  Despite that, it didn't get boring as I shoveled bite after delicious bite into my gaping maw.  There were greens on the bottom.  Bonus.  I can see why they call this their signature dish.  Little fuzzy on the word Yease.  I'll let it slide.

We know the vegan compulsion regarding desserts: if there's a vegan one, it must be ordered at all costs.  The cost was $7, so.

This Brownie Sundae with Vanilla Ice Cream was GF and vegan, and I have to say it was mediocre.  I immediately recognized the taste of So Delicious coconut-based ice cream, which is good, but I find the coconut flavor a little overpowering.  The brownie was more cakey than dense, and had that taste of amateur GF-and-vegan baked goods.  Overall, I mean, it was still a vegan brownie sundae, so I enjoyed it.

Dude, the walk back to our hotel was way less hungry and just so much more... downhill.  I retracted my limbs at the summit, Violet Beauregard style, and Mom simply rolled me down.

* If you've forgotten, Daiya is the brand of vegan cheese that melts itself and melts vegans.  It melts us into liquid happiness, which, turns out, is a compound you can re-use on your own pizzas, but is not technically vegan.

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