24 July 2012

Seattle: Roti

To continue the tour of Seattle's ethnic food, we alighted on an Indian place.  That's right.  My mom loves Indian food.  Spicy Indian food.  We came here after going up in the Space Needle and checking out the mini-planetarium show,* both of which are super nearby.  Does YOUR mom like spicy Indian food and planetariums?

530 Queen Anne Ave N
Seattle, WA  98109
(206) 216-7684

We arrived at 2:30pm, a mere half hour before they'd be closing the kitchen for their afternoon break.  Our server and the manager both encouraged us to order quickly with the understanding that this would be our only chance to get food.  So, rather than sitting and staring open-mouthed at all the pretty decorations, we checked out our menus.  Took me a whole five seconds to decide what I wanted.

Our free papadum and chutneys came out first.  The papadum was crispy, good, and a little bit spicy.  Spicy papadum was a new experience for me, but I'm happy to tell you that I enjoyed it.  The green chutney looked creamy and I therefore left it alone; the red was a little sweet and tomato-based, and the orange was even sweeter and tasted vaguely of cardamom.  Both were good, but I didn't want to make the same mistake I had the previous evening: eating too much free crispy junk with dip.  I resisted.

The plain naan we got at $2.50 each was phenomenal.  I know what you're thinking: duh, naan is ALWAYS that good!  But please.  You don't even know.  It's the naaniest naan that ever naaned.  All that yeasty warm yumminess kicks all the other naans' butts.

My Chana Masala for $10.50 came to me at a medium spice level and dairy-free, but  only because I requested it to be so.  It was tasty (especially with the aforementioned naan), but didn't seem spicy at all.  Until I got to about the sixth or seventh bite, that is - then my mouth started burning, but in a fun way.  It wasn't quite as good as my old fave, Best of India, but it had its own unique tangy taste.

So we settled the bill and headed back down to Seattle Center for the sci-fi portion of the EMF Museum.  I waddled all the way, my stomach threatening to burst from my skin (please do visualize), the extra naan we couldn't finish in my hand.  I nibbled at it as long as I could stand, but when it became painful I started looking for birds who'd eat it.  Eventually I found some.  They were totally like, "DOOD this naan is incredible," and I was like, "IKR."  Via text.

* This was the greatest planetarium show of all time.  Who WOULDN'T want to see the universe as we know it in a 3D graphic followed by the background radiation left over from the Big Bang?!

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