23 July 2012

Seattle: Wild Ginger

Out of all our amazing meals in Seattle, this might have been my favorite.  I recommend Wild Ginger with all my stomach.  Thai has never tasted so lovely.

Wild Ginger
1401 3rd Ave
Seattle, WA  98101
(206) 623-4450

I had a lot of fun drinks in this city.  Maybe too many.  You would not believe how many times I had to pee - but it was worth it!  This Raspberry Gingerale for $4 was good.  Not too sweet, nice pronounced raspberry flavor, and, ironically, mellow on the ginger.  Refreshing!

The server gave me their Vegetarian/Vegan Menu upon request; it's pretty comprehensive.  You'll have your choice of appetizers, noodle dishes, entrees, salads, and everlasting happiness.  Actually, that last one comes with everything.

I ordered the small Thai Passion Tofu for $9.  It came with a salad, rice, fried tofu, eggplant, soy sauce, kafir lime leaves, and basil.  Oh, and everlasting happiness, of course.  The zucchini and carrot salad tasted super fresh with a lemon and/or ginger dressing.  But mostly I was like, get outta my way, salad.  I got eggplant to eat.  So I ate it.  And WAO.  It was melt-in-your-mouth perfect.  The sauce had a pleasant amount of heat and a hint of lemongrass, and it made that eggplant amazing.  The tofu, likewise, was so, SO.  So wonderful.  The flavor penetrated all the way in with a bang.  The basil and minty lime leaves added little taste bonuses to an already exemplary dish.*

The small size was perfect for me - and I didn't even need the rice.  (Who wants to eat rice when there's tofu and eggplant to be had?)  Another point for Wild Ginger: they ask you if you'd like your rice white or brown.  Mine was brown.  'Cause.  It's healthier to look at or something.

* In my notes, I wrote, "TOTES WORTH $9 B*TCHES."  I still agree with that statement.  B*tches.

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