25 October 2012

Minneapolis: Christos

If you're anything like me, you're wondering why the hell I forgot to put the apostrophe in Christos in the title and it's preventing you from taking me seriously right now because I just did it again.  Well.  Look at this picture.  There IS no apostrophe.  And you know what?  It's because... because! ... because the singular nominative form of Greek nouns always ends in -os!  There.  I said it.  Now you know.  And now I'm trying once again to repress my memories of college-level Ancient Greek.  UGH.  I mean I love the idea of the language, but learning it kicked my patootie into the Dark Ages.

Happily, eating Greek is much less full of nerdly stress than reading Greek.

2632 Nicollet Ave S
Minneapolis, MN  55408
(612) 871-2111

Christos will immediately charm your mouth open.  The space is full of strings of soft, sweet lights and the white walls are peppered with bright blue images of Greece.  Matt and I played hangman on the paper table protector before Mom arrived.  He gave me a long one.  It turned out to be "Want to go see Frankenweenie tomorrow?"  OMG SO ROMANTIC, RIGHT?  (Not totally sold on this movie idea I mean could it have a worse title?  The things we do for love.)

We started with the Dip Sampler for $9.45 - which comes with INCREDIBLE pita.  I'd even say it's as good as It's Greek to Me's.  Cakey, moist, and tasty even through the flavors of each spread.  The stuff is probably what they dip into ambrosia on Mount Olympus or something.  The pita was the clear winner of the entire dish, though the hummus pulled up in a close second - it's the second from the left up there.  It had a strong tahini taste, but like the other spreads it didn't lack for garlic.  The melintzanosalata - the gray one - was super smoky!  I'm not clear on how they do that to eggplant, 'cause I'm pretty sure they don't use liquid smoke.  And the skordalia at the top had a more subtle garlic flavor that allowed a little of that mashed potato taste to surface.  It didn't quite measure up to IGtM's skordalia.  Then there's the dairy-yogurt-filled tzatziki sauce.  Let your dinner compatriots field that one, or ask your server to leave it out.

My appetizer portion of Dolmathes at $6.65 included three large stuffed grape leaves and some sizable, yet easily removable chunks of feta.  You can certainly order yours without - or your spouse might slurp them up for you.  The dolmades contained herbed rice, parsley, and scallions, and were doused with lemon juice and olive oil.  Once again, I must say that although these puppies were delish with a grainy, brothy, dry thing going on, they were just not as amazing as IGtM's dolmades.  Sorry, Christos.  Favorite, but less favorite.

Now what you NEED to order, muffins, is the Falafel Sandwich for $6.25.  It's filling, cheap, and GAWL is it delicious.  The pita pocket comes stuffed with perfectly fried falafel and fresh, tangy tabouleh.  Drizzle your tahini sauce on and you've got yourself the best falafel sandwich this side of the Mississippi.  It's properly moist, warm, deeply flavored, and so satisfying.

So eating my way up Nicollet is alright.  I mean I guess I kind of am in love with all the restaurants I've eaten at so far.  What's next?  Peninsula?  Maybe.  What's your fave?  ... Don't say Black Forest Inn.  Unless you want me to eat wiener schnitzel and blow chunks all down Eat Street.  FUN!


  1. I love falafel. I'm going to have to check this place out! I still can't believe how many places in the Twin Cities there are to get falafel.

  2. I know, right?! You definitely have to get that sandwich. You can't be a fan of falafel and NOT get that sandwich.