05 October 2012

recipe: addiction-forming granola

Oh, muffins!  Look!  This marks the beginning of endless delicious vegan recipes straight from me to you.  I don't want to make a big deal about it, so I'll just tell you I wet my pants and we can move on.

I felt it appropriate to begin with granola, because people request this recipe from me quite often, and eating it is how I start every single day, even when traveling.  It's also what I eat for a snack.  It's also... sometimes... what I eat for dessert.  IT'S REALLY GOOD, OKAY.

Addiction-Forming Granola*
GF (with certified GF oats)
30 minutes

4c oats
1c almonds (any raw nuts or combination thereof will work; almonds are the cheapest, but I like to use a mixture of almonds and cashews)
1c shredded unsweetened coconut
1/2c raw millet
1/2c sunflower seeds
1/4c flax seeds
1T cinnamon
1/2c maple syrup
1/2c canola oil
1c raisins

Preheat your oven to 350F, crank The Current up to 11, make ready an ungreased baking sheet with edges, and sing your little vegan heart out.  Your granola will taste better.  I know, I've tried.

Throw all your dry ingredients except the raisins in a big bowl and use a spoon to mix them together with reckless abandon.  You are going to get addicted to all those little guys, so you might as well be excited.  Add the syrup and oil; toss to coat everybody.

Spread your granola onto your baking sheet.  The oil in the granola will prevent it from sticking to your pan unless you burn the crap out of it.  Use your spoon, spatula, or an appendage of your choice to make sure it's evenly spread.  Bake that sucker for 15 minutes.

Remove your pan from the oven and toss the granola around a little.  Your objective here is to stir; you'll be putting it back in the oven and you don't want the browner bits to get too much heat.  Cook for another 5 minutes.

Check it out when you remove the stuff from the oven again - it should be golden brown and smell like falling in love.  If it's any less toasted than this, you need to repeat the last couple of steps - stir and bake for 5 - until it looks done.  Mine's always ready to come out at this point.

You can sprinkle the raisins on now!  I don't add them until this point because baked raisins get really tough, but if you like that kind of thing, go ahead and chuck 'em in earlier.

Let the granola cool completely before you store it away.  You may want to invest in a ridiculously enormous tupperware-type container usually used for keeping flour.  Like mine.  Well what else am I gonna do?  I make 2 batches at once and the lid barely stays on at first as it is.  And it would seem that I can't make 3 at once because there just aren't any bigger tupperwares.

* I lifted this recipe from Shelley - really.  It's practically the same as hers.  Like, I'm not even sure why she's still friends with me because I'm blatantly stealing this from her blog.  Look.


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    1. Why did the hipster burn her mouth on the granola?


    2. Thanks, Shel! We here at vegan like a boss feel the same way about you. If you couldn't tell.

  2. YAY, a recipe! I was hoping you'd get to these sooner or later. This looks amazing and I'm totally making it soon!


    1. YOU look amazing and I'm totally making you soon.