04 October 2012

the exercise talk

I was totally that kid in middle and high school who used any excuse to get out of gym.  Especially when running the mile.  That thing killed.  There was no worse torture my teachers could've possibly inflicted on me.  First.  World.  Problems.  Squared.  I died on that track.  FOREVER.

Allow me to lighten the mood.  If you continue reading, you will become 15% more attractive, 30% happier, live five years longer, and you will be admitted into Hogwarts.*  True story.

Unlike running, I've always loved biking.  I bike to work everyday there's not ice on the streets, I zip around Minneapolis to run errands and meet up with my homies, and I used to take a 20-mile loop around the city every weekend just for fun.  I still would, except I found something better.


What?  No, sorry, let me file that back into the category of sports I'll never actually consider sports.


I abhorred running as recently as one year ago.  If you're not and have never been a runner, odds are you've also been scraped off the ground after running to catch the bus and missing it in a panting heap of failure.  Truth was, I just never knew how to START running properly.  Here are some tips on that front, all of which I'm shamelessly stealing from my life coach Shelley:

  • Read Born to Run.  Be inspired by Scott Jurek, Minnesota vegan distance runner extraordinaire.
  • Start slowly - like, really.  Run around the block.
  • Increase slowly.  Run around 2 blocks, or just do a 50% increase.
  • Run every other day rather than every day.  This, along with the previous two items, will save you from injuring yourself.
  • fanpop!
  • Don't ever run on a full stomach (you don't want to be like Michael from The Office, barfing up pasta on the sidewalk).
My body is perfectly happy to run for 10 miles - maybe more! - on nothing but 100% vegan fuel.  I love the way I feel while I'm running, and the glow lasts all day.  And do you want to know what the best part is?  All this running, biking, and dancing (my fave team sport) makes my metabolism SO high that I get to stuff my face - ALL THE TIME.  With delicious and healthy vegan food.  Here's a list of everything I ate today:

  • 1c homemade granola with 1/2c amaranth and unsweetened almond milk
  • 8 oz OJ
  • Black chai tea with unsweetened almond milk
  • Luna Bar
  • A freaking enormous honeycrisp
  • 1/2 package Power Snack bites
  • 1 serving homemade Indian curry with brown rice
  • 1/3 bar of chocolate
  • Massive orange dreamsicle smoothie
This evening I plan on eating:
  • More granola with unsweetened almond milk
  • Edamame
  • Miso soup
  • Epic garden roll
  • Herbal detox tea with unsweetened almond milk
  • Your mom
Just kidding, she's not vegan.

Why tell you all this?  Wull, 'cause when you exercise the benefits never end!  Seriously, LOOK at all that food!  How many calories is that?  I don't even know, like a billion!  I cannot go 90 minutes without eating unless I'm unconscious.  I'm not joking.  Ask my co-workers.

Exercise gives you weight loss, a higher metabolism, more energy, increased strength, more endurance, and yes, your butt WILL look utterly fantastic in those pants.  Confidence.  Being comfortable in your own skin.  Not feeling like you have to suck in your gut all the time.  Knowing your body is functioning at peak efficiency and your risk of illness is laughably low.  Once you get going, you're like, "Oh my god, I can't even believe I used to put up with feeling so crappy all the time."

There's something so amazing about doing exactly what humans are designed to do out there on the trails alongside all the animals and plants who are just doing their own thing, too.  Maybe you already exercise.  Running is the pinnacle.  It took me a long time to realize this.  But now I LIVE for running.

And also for granola.

* No promises on what house you'll get sorted into.  I don't eat dairy.  I'M A HUFFLEPUFF!


  1. your butt only gets better if you do hills or lunges :P
    Nice post Alli Kins!
    P.S. My favorite part of Born to Run is where the author discusses... what the heck happened to us? We all loved to run as kids? And it was natural, and we didn't worry about am I heel striking, what are the right shoes, and I pronating, etc etc... I think it beautifully illustrates how natural and FUN running should be.

  2. Course, you can't NOT do hills in Minneapolis... it's harder to do here. Jealous!!

    1. YES!! That's my favorite thing about Born to Run too - that message about running being natural and fun! Thanks T! Maybe we can go running together in Houston in 3 WEEKS!!!

  3. Ok first... I FRIGGIN LOVE MICHAEL SCOTT!!! He (Steve Carell) is totally my old man crush. It's bad, Alli, bad. So thank you for mentioning "Fun Run", love that episode. I mean Jim and Pam?! Come on! Squee!

    Now that I got that off my chest... I remember trying to get out of the mile with you. Good times. I swear it was the thing I hated most about fall and spring. Anyway, glad you love running now. If I could I totally would, but alas health problems are in the way. So for now I'll just watch what I eat and watch old episodes of The Office for the 100th time (no complaints though).

    1. I could watch Jim and Pan flirt until the end of time!! I know, I mostly remember Fun Run for the two of them walking together and going to a garage sale. Having an old man crush on Steve Carell is acceptable. He is extremely endearing. Have you seen Crazy Stupid Love?! Haha!

      The mile - IKR?! I'm glad we had each other during those difficult times.