16 November 2012

Edina: Biryani

I called Mom and I was all, "Let's meet at Chapati at 6!"  'Cause.  It USED to be Chapati.  She knew what I meant.  I mean there's only one Indian place in the whole kingdom hotel tennis court city of Edina.  And it turns out I got to eat chapati at Biryani anyway, to my eternal joy (but did not get to eat biryani at Biryani).  And I didn't even have to fly to Kenya and get Mama Kamau to make these chapatis by hand with nothing but her hands and a wood fire!  Although I would fly there.  Like right now.  Nnnnot even kidding.

7078 Amundson Ave
Edina, MN  55439
(952) 946-0009

Biryani's menu's got a nice, varied vegetarian section.  It won't tell you what's vegan, though, even if you can zero in on dishes that don't say "creamy," "paneer," or "cheese."  No matter what you pick, let your server know you need it without dairy.  If he or she is anything like our server, you'll get a friendly, reassuring delivery of a dairy-free meal.  Our server actually asked me if I'm vegan.  Talk about intuition.  (That's what I get for asking if there's dairy in the tea, the naan, the curries, the water, and the tablecloth.)

I started with Red Spiced Tea for $2, which I really enjoyed.  I got 3 cups out of the serving, and if you want your server'll refill it for you.  It tasted like chai, in that it was somewhat spicy and exciting.  It was definitely not boring like earl grey (sorry, Picard) or overly cinnamony like Good Earth tea (I'm a freak for not liking that stuff, although I'l be the first to admit I'm a cinnamon enthusiast.)

With your curry, Biryani offers you the INGENIOUS MAGICAL CHOICE of naan (egg-filled), rice (boring-filled), or chapati.  Uh.  Like it's a question.  Let me tell you, that chapati is METAL.  Salty.  Simple.  Hot.  Perfect.  Better than naan?  You decide.

Baigan bharta: $11.  Of course, that price includes your chapati.  Or rice, if you're boring.  Orrr gluten free.  Hearts!  Anyway, my old eggplanty favorite sans ghee was spicy, smoky, creamy, flavorful, and heavenly on the chapati.  That's why Biryani is almost as favorite as Best of India.  Nothing I consumed wasn't effing DELICIOUS.

There's a Domino's next door.  Some poor employee from over there got strapped to a gurney and wheeled past the front windows of Biryani for having, I guess, a seizure.  The EMTs carted him away in an ambulance under the watchful eye of a police car.  MAYBE HE HAD A SEIZURE FROM INHALING TOO MUCH CHEESE OMG SUCH a good thing I'm not a doctor.

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