28 November 2012

So like, how do you eat?

Now that I've told you how I grocery shop, it's time to teach you how to use all that food.  Like every day.  I'm not a professional nutritionist or anything, but this routine definitely works for me.  If you want to try something like it, feel free to tweak as needed.  I find the most integral parts are making sure I have lots of fruit and eschewing processed foods while still eating whenever I'm hungry.  Which is all the time.  I'm practically pregnant.  NO I AM NOT AT ALL PREGNANT.  Not even 5%.

Let's amble pleasantly through a typical weekday.  Ooh, except can we pretend it's NOT 15F in the morning?  Not that it really has much to do with cooking.  It's just.  Escapism.  Totally healthy.  We'll take yesterday: Tuesday, September 88th.  A balmy seventy-whatever degrees and lots of sunshine.  With a rainbow.  I rolled out of bed at 5:15a (I have to be at work by 7:30, stay with me) and had nothing more than a few sips of cold water before hitting the trail in my UnderArmour shorts.  I ran 3 1/3 miles and the MOON, holy lemons, it was beautiful.  Big, yellow, and shimmering brightly on the rippling surface of Lake Harriet.  I adore my pre-dawn runs.  I mean, I'm not crazy or whatever.

Got back home in about 30 minutes, stretched for 5, showered and stuff, then at 6:45: BREAKFAST!  Oh, breakfast.  Breakfast is better than chocolate.  There.  I said it.  I scooped my pre-made amaranth out of the fridge and heated it up with vanilla unsweetened almond milk.

Okay, hold on.  What in the name of science is amaranth, you say?  It's awesome, is what.  It's one of those grains that cooks up like Cream of Wheat, but without all the gross processed junk.  I eat it because, like many wonderful things in my life, Shelley introduced me to it.  And it's cheaper than quinoa, which also makes a fab breakfast base.

Amaranth + almond milk + granola = breakfast part 1.  Second part - a fresh smoothie!  Fruit is like, the BEST way to start your day.  So much energy will you glean from this magical drink!  I made mine quickly, which means I threw a banana, orange, and a big handful of frozen berries in with a few scoops of almond yogurt and water.  DE-FREAKING-AMAZING.  I shoveled that all down and got just a little bit sad when it was over and I didn't get to continue eating it anymore.

Before I left for work, I threw some decaf vanilla hazelnut tea in my travel mug with a little almond milk.  I drank that at school at 7:45, then at about 9:45 I ate some dates.  Sometimes it's an apple or trail mix.  Come 11:00 I scarfed down another snack - this time one of my home-made granola bars (from Isa Chandra Moskowitz's Fruity Oaty Bars recipe).  When I experienced hunger pangs between these snacks, because, as previously mentioned, I'm always hungry, I had a bite off the 85% dark chocolate bar I keep with me at all times.

I had lunch at 12:45.  This is always a leftover and water.  Sometimes I pack my tupperware too full and can't finish - which is great, because then I just eat until I'm full and save the rest for tomorrow.  When I finished eating I nibbled on my chocolate some more.

After swinging by the co-op to purchase some kale for dinner, I got home at 3:30 and had some more tea with almond milk.  On days I'm a little hungrier (which, honestly, is like every day), I have some dates or a little granola with almond milk.

I started cooking at 4:30p and had dinner ready by 5:15.  For most dinners, I try to include a grain, a protein, and at least one veggie.  Last night I made roasted sweet potatoes with kale, quinoa, and kidney beans.  Seriously, it was a snap.

Other easy complete meals include Indian curries with tomatoes, potatoes, peas, and couscous; nachos with tortilla chips, brown rice, salsa, black beans, scallions, Daiya cheese, and avocados; and risotto with marinated tofu, red bell pepper, and artichoke hearts.

Once dinner settled a bit, I had one more cup of tea and a few more bites of chocolate before going to bed at 9:00.  Usually we decompress with Deep Space 9.  Which is NOT as good as Voyager and Next Gen, by the way.  I'm a little tempted to skip to season 4.  Orrrr watch Voyager again.  This is how I know I have a problem.

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