14 December 2012

Minneapolis: Broders'

Mom and I couldn't figure out where to eat.  We love Sister, but without her anti-gluten and etc. dietary restrictions to factor into our decision, the possibilities were endless.  Who knows.  Maybe we went mad with power.  After, seriously, 20 minutes of talking through this decision, Mom's eyes brightened.  "Oh!  I know!  Broders'!"

I, barely this side of politically correct and terribly excited about the promise of pasta, exclaimed, "GLUTEN!  Delicious gluten!"

Then I took this picture.

With my imagination.

From the Broders' website.

5000 Penn Ave S
Minneapolis, MN  55410
(612) 925-9202

First, bread was had.  I was all over that.

You need to know a few things before you order your entree.  Vegans, chill.  The only pasta you can have is stringozzi.  Broders' handmakes all their pastas, but the stringozzi is the only one without egg.  Upon looking at the menu itself, you'll see the stringozzi is included in only one (or possibly two, depending on the day) pasta dishes.  One will be 2. Stringozzi alla Spoletina for $10, with tomatoes, olive oil, and garlic, Umbrian style.  It's a perfectly lovely dish - I'll tell you all about it in a second.

Yet perhaps you're more adventurous?  Why, intrepid explorer, simply choose the menu description from another item that you'd like to pair with stringozzi pasta.  The kitchen will happily accommodate you.  And if you're not interested in pasta at all, see if you can get them to leave the dairy out of whatever risotto dish they're making that day.  I can't even imagine how stellar that would be.

When I threw the V word into my order, our server suggested I try the extra vegetable with my Stringozzi alla Spoletina - which brings the total cost to $12.50.  Then he mentioned he could have the chef use an assortment of veggies.  If I were so inclined.  "Sure!" I said with feeling.  "I can has vegetables!"

The dish is good, but here's where it gets complicated.  It needed a little salt, for starters, which is no problem.  Even though we were sitting at the bar, we had easy access to a salt shaker.  The stringozzi itself is divine.  The chewy texture makes me wish I had the patience to make my own pasta and then sit there eating it while wishing it was as good as this stuff.  The tomatoes were warm and delicious, spread across the dish with garlic and a little heat.  Most of the extra veggies gelled well with this flavor profile.  The romanesco broccoli, however, tasted a little too broccolicious, and might have been better left out.  Romanesco broc's pretty, though, and not really a bad thing to spend your time eating.  Overall, a lovely meal, but next time I'm ordering my spoletina without the extra veg.

Sitting at the bar and watching the magic in the open kitchen throughout our meal turned out to be quite a treat.  That chef had some serious flow.  Sometimes he had pans on each of the 8 burners on his stove going at the same time.  I thought to myself, self?  I WANT THAT FLOW.  I will install 4 more burners in my kitchen.  And a bigger sink.  And a sous chef.

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