31 December 2012

Minneapolis: Gigi's Cafe

Friends: you too can have vegan hufflepuffs.  What the hell is a hufflepuff, you say?  Well.  It's a deep fried ball of cornmeal batter, of course.

Oh, you know what?  I meant hush puppies.  Still not entirely sure what a Hufflepuff is, though.  Maybe also made of cornmeal.

Image from Carag Neighborhood Tour

Gigi's Cafe
822 W 36th St
Minneapolis, MN 55408
(612) 825-0818

Gigi's is a classy little counter-service joint with both a coffee shop and nice restaurant feel.  The chalked-up menu has a handful of options for vegans and the staff can help you figure out what to order.  The new owner (who also happens to be in charge of - maybe you've heard of these - Bryant Lake Bowl, Barbette, and Red Stag Supperclub) is bringing in more sustainable and local ingredients for the cafe.  Uh, yes please.

One problem: Fiona Apple was playing throughout our meal.  And, okay.  Look.  I loved Fiona Apple when I was 15 and thought I had problems.  Buuuutttt.

Anyway, I ordered the Vegetable Hush Puppies, sans feta, for $11.  The sauce they come with is some kind of crazy non-vegan sauce, so if you go for these make sure you request that they use their vegan romesco sauce instead.  The romesco's made from red peppers - nice and creamy with a little bit of heat.  Probably slightly boozy.  You'll love it.

Sweet potatoes, just LOOK at that beautiful golden-brown chunk of fried cornmeal.  It's got bonus veggies in there, too.  The sauce peeks out from under the patties and sauteed vegetables, which were stellar, by the way.  Onion, bell pepper, carrot, kale, almonds, and raisins.  Yum!  The hush puppies were crispy and wonderful, although a little bitter on their own.  I made sure I loaded each bite with veggies and sauce to balance that flavor out.  The overall effect was quite excellent.

Maybe, if somebody fed this to Fiona Apple, her music wouldn't be so depressing.

Where's my psychology degree?


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