22 February 2013

Edina: Big Bowl

Ahh, Big Bowl.  A national Asian chain where vegans can eat in peace.  And, as Sister said, "The food is so good here I don't think I've ever put so many colors in my face!  Except for Skittles."  Wise words, Sister.  (She had gluten-free pad thai!  She really HAS never shoved so many colors in her face.  But.  Well.  She's right about the Skittles.)

Big Bowl
3669 Galleria
Edina, MN  55435
(952) 928-7888

The menu is liberally sprinkled with Vs and GFs, but beware, vegans.  V means almost nothing.  There are dishes marked with a V that are not vegan, and dishes that are vegan but have no V.  Be sure you tell your server you're vegan.  Odds are they'll know what you need.

If you order off the menu, your best bets are the Kung Pao Tofu and Seasonal Greens or the Spicy Thai Green Vegetable Curry.  You can also order from the Stir-Fry Bar, which has lots of vegan options.  But you have to like, get up for that.  And be creative.  Ugh.  Don't they know how hungry and exhausted I am?


Matt's Spicy Thai Green Vegetable Curry was $12 of spicy as #$@! veggies, tofu, and white rice.  It was so spicy, Matt ordered a side of more white rice to cut the heat.  It was so spicy, I felt like I was getting heartburn AS IT SLID DOWN MY ESOPHAGUS.  (Whatever heartburn is.  Said the vegan.)  The veggies were fresh and crunchy, and the sauce was creamy and cilantro-filled.  Oh, and spicy.  (Honestly, it hurt.)

I more sensibly ordered Kung Pao Tofu and Seasonal Greens for $12.  The noodles were so nice and wide, firm but steeped in the almost smokey, perfectly vinegary, spicy-but-not-like-Matt's-thing flavor.  The peanuts, tofu, and perfectly prepared kale brought the quality of the dish up to very, very good.  New favorite.

Meanwhile, Matt spontaneously combusted.  I gave him some chocolate.  It helps.

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