09 February 2013

Minneapolis: Common Roots Cafe

So Matt and I had this exact conversation about 17 different evenings:

MATT: What would you like to do for dinner?
ALLI: I'm too hungry to cook.  I haven't blogged Common Roots, want to go there?
MATT: What are they like?
ALLI: You order at the counter and they bring food to you.  It's good food.  Nice ambience.  Plus they have a full coffee bar, so you could have a chai or something.  'Member we went there that one time with T and Dane?
MATT: ...
ALLI: I got a vegan cupcake?
MATT: ... Nah.  Tiger Sushi?
ALLI: How come?
MATT: I just don't want to eat at a cafe for dinner.
ALLI: Oh.  Kay!  Tiger Sushi then!
MATT: Let's never fight again.

I'm lying.  By the 17th time it had shortened to the following:

MATT: What would you like to do for dinner?
ALLI: Me too hungry for cooking.  Common Roots is place for dinner?
MATT: Dinner at a cafe.
ALLI: Tiger Su-
MATT: Let's never fight again.

Finally I plied him.  It wasn't that hard.  All it took was having the conversation an 18th time.  I'm pretty sure the lolcat grammar is what did it.  (We'll never fight again.)

Common Roots Cafe
2558 Lyndale Ave S
Minneapolis, MN 55405
(612) 871-2360

I started with Ginger Lime Rooibos because the Spicy Ginger Tea Latte has honey and I still wanted tea, dammit.  This stuff was delicious!  I really dislike bitterness in my tea, and I feel like it's a difficult flavor to avoid.  But where other teas are witheringly mouth-drying, this one is fruity and sweet!  It was tangy.  Well, duh.  Ginger + lime = exactly what you'd expect.  Lime is a great taste in tea, turns out.

Matt's Spiced Masa Cakes set us back $11.  At first we were like, what are masa cakes?  Then we looked at a menu and we were like, we're getting masa cakes.  They're little fluffy cornbread pancakes covered with roasted eggplant and bell pepper, smothered in this incredible dark mole, and sprinkled with fresh cilantro.  Think of the best chili you've ever had.  Then think of the best cornbread.  Now put them together and turn up the Zagat.  The flavor was so full and deep, with lime notes and a spicy finish.  Win.

Common Roots has Fish Tacos.  With a little v.  That means tofu tacos.  Hellz to the yeah!  Only $8.50 - what a steal!  (I'm SUCH a pro at sounding like a teenager from the 90s and my grandma simultaneously.)  These toasted corn tortillas come with red cabbage slaw, radishes, amazing salsa roja, and, of course, delicious delicious tofu.  The side salad of mixed greens was crisp and lemony.  The tacos were spicy, chewy, surprisingly not that messy, limey, and fresh.  It took a minute for the flavor to develop fully, and once it did, I was in fish tofu taco nirvana.

The Fruit Crisp was sweet; too sweet for me.  I only took 2 bites before bailing the sugar train.  The blueberry flavor was super prominent, so major points for that.  You'll want to ask for it warm, definitely.  They use an oven.  (Duh?  Not like a fine establishment's gonna microwave their desserts.)  The oat top is crispy and gives the dish a lovely balance between sweet and tart.  Matt gobbled that thing up faster than a vegan with a wasp-free fig.

Afterward, instead of seeing a movie or some other normal-people activity, we went home and watched a very disappointing Star Trek: Deep Space 9 episode.  Now you may be thinking: but Alli, ALL DS9 episodes are disappointing.  Not so!  It was just getting good!  But this was a KLINGON episode.  Are there any aliens in the Star Trek universe more boring than the Klingons?  Well, there was that one cool episode about Sto-vo-kor in Voyager.  But this one made me fall asleep.  I just hope the next episode's about Data Odo.  Otherwise I'll... keep watching anyway.

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  1. I love common roots! But you already knew that. It has good beer, for those of you that are into that.