22 February 2013

Minneapolis: The Lowbrow

It blew my mind that there could be such a vegan-friendly place in So-Mpls of which I had never heard.  Then their fried tofu extra-blew my mind.  I was not left with a lot of functional brain cells by the end of the night, to be honest.

The Lowbrow
4244 Nicollet Ave
Minneapolis, MN 55409
(612) 208-0720

The menu has a boxed v next to their vegan options.  We ordered three of 'em.  How can you not order something called Southern Fried Tofu?  Seriously.  Tell me.  Because I don't know.

The aforementioned Southern Fried Tofu runs you $6.25, but you can't put a price on knowing you're about to devour something that smells exactly like a Green Mill mozzarella stick.  It even tastes kind of like a mozzarella stick - the crispy, herb-encrusted surface is full of in-your-face spices, and it protects a flavorful, chewy interior.  The BBQ sauce adds a spicy, tangy layer; smokey without tasting like smoke, and packing heat.  That's right.  It was full of GUNS.

Becca's Pinto & Quinoa Veggie Burger for $8.75 came with fries.  Super good and greasy ones.  You know.  The addictive, really not that great for you kind.  The burger was good with its simple flavors - other than pinto beans and quinoa, there wasn't a lot of stuff in there.  It was kind of crumbly as a result.  Better with mustard, for sure.

My Fried Tofu Sandwich for $8.75 came with a side salad of fresh, crisp mixed greens in a subtle vinaigrette.  The sandwich was jam-packed with shredded cabbage, sliced jalapenos  BBQ sauce, and... the same fried tofu from the app!  Score!  The jalapeno was too much for me, I admit - I threw it out.  Otherwise the heat from the BBQ sauce went really well with all the components, and the bun made it more subtle, in a nice, I-can-eat-a-whole-sandwich-of-this kind of way.  A very well-constructed meal.

We were so lucky.  We got to eat our vegan food under the eyes of this sweet little deer.

By little, I mean huge, and by sweet, I mean painted on the wall.  Aw.

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