15 March 2013

Plymouth: Thai Table

I rarely venture into the 'burbs for blog fodder, now that I've gone through all the conveniently located vegan-worthy places in Edina.  So when Becca found this Thai place in Plymouth, we got excited!  Branching out and all.  Plus, it's Thai.  Can't go wrong.

Except... 'member that time we went to that "Vietnamese" place in Mankato and it turned out to be poorly disguised mediocre Chinese?  Um.  I have bad news, Plymouth.

Thai Table
10100 6th Ave N #115
Plymouth, MN 55441
(763) 591-6085

The $4 Fried Tofu we started with was promising.  Oh, it had it's flaws, alright, but it didn't suck.  The tofu was unbattered, and as far as I could tell it wasn't seasoned either.  The slightly bitter aftertaste was allayed by the sweet and sour sauce that comes with the dish.  Honestly, the tofu was good.  Hot, crispy, and fried.  They could've cut it into smaller pieces in order to have a higher ratio of crispy edges, but overall, this didn't make me want to invert my digestive system.

Enter the #36: Pad Puk, $8 with tofu.  The menu's description is so enticing; it promises all these yummy-sounding veggies.  And then, look!  Doesn't it appear to be absolutely delicious?

One bite, and my illusions of spicy, snappy, fresh Thai vanished.  My mouth was filled with warm, mediocre reality.  This was crappy Americanized Chinese food!  The sauce had so much sugar in it I had to throw in the towel.  Well, I had to pick out all the tofu and onions for consumption, first.  Then I threw in all the towels.  As Liz Lemon would say, BLERG.

What would you do if you read about a dish where you could add the protein of your choice to the flavor of stir-fried garlic and crushed black pepper on a bed of lettuce with tomatoes and cukes with that classic Thai flavor for eight bucks?  Like any unsuspecting hungry citizen, you would order it.  Just like Becca, who got it with mock duck, and Matt, who requested tofu.  Then the dishes would be placed in front of you, like so.  First, mock duck.

Then tofu.

And you would immediately start shoveling in the disappointment.  Oh, and how bitter it tastes.  Once again: these are two more variations on mediocre Chinese.  They tasted different from each other, but in ways I'm too apathetic about to even describe properly.  Matt mentioned he wished it was more than just tofu.  Becca, when I asked if she would come here again, said something along the lines of, "... Ugh."

Well said, Becca.  Well said.

If, for some reason, you wind up here - perhaps you've lost a bet or been blackmailed - your safest bet is to order from the wok menu.  Ask your server if there's fish sauce in it.  The curries aren't vegan for sure, and neither are the amazing-sounding Tofu Wontons.

Okay, I'm done complaing.

NO I'M NOT How this place got the apparent Google+ rating of 22 out of 30 when Roat Osha's stuck with a measly 18 is beyond me.  I mean none of this is even REMOTELY authentic!  At least, as far as I understand Thai, which is to say, I've never been to Thailand, and I suppose I've also never even been to China, so...  BUT STILL.

I'm thinking of changing my middle name from Rose to First World Problems.


  1. Hey lady- first of all, awesome blog. I am also a vegan in the Twin Cities, and it is nice to have had someone try out all these yummy things first so I know where the good spots are :)

    I hate to be a Debbie Downer, but I wanted to give you a heads up regarding Tiger Sushi 2. (Sorry I didn't know where to post this, was looking for your email, and didn't know if I posted on an old entry if you would still see it..)

    After reading your review, I was super duper excited to go eat some vegan sushi. I have been wary of sushi restaurants since I went vegetarian, so it had been FAR too long since I had some sushi- and I am far too unskilled to do it at home.

    Anyhoo- so my boyfriend and I went out to Tiger Sushi 2 last night for my birthday. As soon as we got there, I let the server know we were vegan. She was very helpful but then told us that the Bam Bam roll had carrots marinaded in fish sauce (as well as the tempura'ed veggies had been fried alongside meat), and then the Darkened Edamame roll- the sauce on top has fish sauce in it, as well as their house soy sauce. Miso soup was also off limits.

    Luckily they were very accomodating as far as cleaning the knives and using separate surfaces to prepare our food, and we were able to get a seaweed salad, a cucumber roll, an avocado roll, and a veggie roll with raw carrots instead of the marinated ones. Still good, but I was sad I couldn't try anything fancier. She also brought us some tamari to use instead of the house soy sauce.

    I know if we hadn't been annoyingly thorough about asking about all the ingredients, we would have unknowingly eaten some fish products. I'm not judging, if that is something that doesn't bother you, then by all means, disregard this, but I would hate to think that you have been eating a product you thought was animal free although it was not. :(

    Just looking out for my fellow vegans :)

  2. Hey Amanda! Thank you so much for saying that! I'm sorry my Tiger Sushi post was unclear - I'll have to fix it. I did happen to know about some of that gross junk in the veg rolls, but I should have elaborated a little more instead of just saying to let your server know you're vegan. Although, I have to say - carrots marinated in FISH SAUCE?! And their house soy has fish?! Those are two tidbits I hadn't heard before. Which, LAME. Every single time I go to Tiger Sushi I tell them I'm vegan before ordering, and nobody has ever told me that about the carrots or the soy sauce. I'm disappointed in them and might complain.

    Anyway, happy birthday! I'm so sorry you had a rough time with sushi for your special dinner!! Man. But that seaweed salad is good, though.

    Thanks again, friend!