30 March 2013

Still not eating sugar, still actually enjoying life

So, you guys.  I ditched sugar about 8 months ago.  Becca made this amazing - do you hear me?  AMAZING. - sugar-free vegan pineapple upside-down cake yesterday, and I am pulling my hair out because I don't have a picture of it to show you.  It was glorious.

I don't bake that often anymore.  Well, I mean I still make myself granola and Fruity Oaty Bars, but that doesn't count.  I used to make cookies, cupcakes, cakes, brownies, muffins, and/or pies at least once a week.  Since sugar and I parted ways I just haven't been that interested in baking.  Once in a while I'll make super duper healthy muffins with like, oh... bananas, oats, and agave, or something like that.  My co-workers gobble them up.  And, of course, Becca treats me once in a while.  (You're totes jelly she's my best friend and not yours.  I can see it in your face.)  But for the most part I'm over it.

Thing is, I don't crave sugar.  I do still eat up to half a bar of 70%+ dark chocolate per day, but that's as sweet as I get.  You shove a vegan cupcake in my face, I will actually feel revulsion.  The frosting will make me throw up in my mouth a little.  Don't even get me started on candy.  If sugar texted me, I would not text it back.

Running, though?  Still the best thing ever.  Since the last time we talked about it, I've upped my mileage and my body and I are loving it.  Every week I have 4 days of 4 miles each, 2 rest days, and a nice long 9-12 miler on the weekend.  There is no question that my body is getting exactly the nutrients it needs with no extra crap to get in the way.

Let me make it clear that my intent is not to brag or get positive strokes.  I'm telling you this because swearing off sugar has really made a positive difference in my life, just like it would in yours, if you cared to give it a shot.  Sister rather hilariously insists that I not tell people I don't know very well that I don't eat sugar - she thinks it makes me sound crazy and/or pompous.  Like, crazier than being vegan.  More pompous than Percy Weasley.  It's true - even counter-culture America isn't very well acclimated to a sugar-free mindset.  Happily, I have at least 5 social graces and have managed to maintain all 332 of my facebook friendships throughout this transition.

But omg, you guys.  My life is awesome.

Also Matt and I are going to Ireland tomorrow.  While you suckers are soaking up the sun and heat in Minnesota, we'll be getting drenched and shivering in some dank ruins somewhere!  Don't bother hiding your envy.  International vegan food awaits!


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    1. Oh god. You're not going to call me that forever, are you? What have I DONE?