11 April 2013

Aer Lingus

Oh boy!  Air plane food!  Isn't it just so exciting?  I might explode.

Aer Lingus

This airline is just for Ireland.  You can tell.  Want to know how you can tell?

That's how.

So like always, when booking the flight I selected the vegan option from the drop-down special meals menu. I think this time the wording was something like "Strict Vegetarian, no ovo/lacto."  On the flight out from Chicago to Dublin, here's what I got:

In general, it was very meh.  The salad had cucumbers, tomatoes, greens, olives, and hints of parsley and lemon.  It was fresh, so that's something.  The bread was inoffensive and easy to eat, but the butter wasn't vegan.  The crackers did seem to be vegan - and delicious and buttery, actually!  The fruit, which seemed to be mostly melons, I pointedly ignored.  Melons are the worst.  I tucked into the hot dish to  find a pretty yummy curry consisting of steamed spinach, green beans, carrots, peas, and taters on rice.  It was a little bland - surprise, surprise - but salt improved it, and it was nice and hot.  Wasn't hard to clean the disposable plastic plate.

Later, for breakfast, I was too groggy to photograph or take notes on the plain bagel and Minute Maid OJ.  No big deal.

Eventually we had to fly home for some reason.  Matt and I watched Django Unchained to ease the blow.  The D is silent.

I got this pasta thing & co.:

The salad had no dressing, but felt pretty fresh.  Likewise, the fruit wasn't bad.  Bread was okay.  The margarine had no ingredients listed, so I didn't chance it.  Then the pasta was so meh.  Overwhelmingly meh.  It had zucchini, tomatoes, onions, and artichoke hearts.  But even with salt and pepper.  I tried so hard to care about it, you guys.  Yet the only emotion I could conjure was utter apathy.

So then I watched a couple episodes of Girls.  That helped.  In-flight entertainment is the best.

Now we're like home or whatever.  Who even.  Yeah.


  1. Did you see the SNL skit where they parodied Django/ Tarantino movies? It was for Djesus... and I thought it was funny :) look that sucker up!

    hugs and love,

  2. I'm flying to Chicago in a few weeks with AL, this is great to read. Must book my vegan meal now :)

    1. Awesome! Thank you, that's very kind. I'm glad my mediocre meals were of some use. :) Have a fab trip!!