01 April 2013

Dublin: Cornucopia


I'm sorry, let me start over.

We love Dublin.  It's a fun, safe, charming, kind, beautiful city.  Everything we did tooling around in its City Centre today made us happy.  St. Stephan's Green?  Magical!  The Long Library at Trinity College?  I died and went to heaven.  This restaurant I'm about to write up?  A-MAZING!

But every time we were outside we wanted to die.  I'm just saying.

Needless to say, the lunch we spent mercifully indoors at Cornucopia was certainly a highlight.

19-20 Wicklow St
Dublin 2
(353) (01) 667-7583

This place opened as a measly hole of a health food store in 1986.  (Ha, I'm older by 2 years.  'Cause THAT matters.)  Since then it's started selling meals from behind a counter and expanded into the neighboring and d-stairs real estate.  Did I mention the food is mind-blowing?  And super, SOOPER (more serious with Os) vegan-friendly.  Look at this menu.  Just look.

There are little chalk Vs everywhere.  And the display case!

That's just one of 'em.

The soups, salads, entrees, and fresh baked breads shall proudly bear the label I have made up for them: British Isles comfort food... to the max!  (This, you have to read out loud and with that unidentifiable 90s commercial quality.)  Take one bite of any of this stuff and try to be grumpy.

Unless you're Grumpycat.  In which case, grumble on, Grumpycat.  I won't stand in the way of your hopes and dreams.

This bread.  €0.50 ($0.64) per slice.  Oh, how dense and moist it is with all that dark spelt and toothsome seedage!  If you say the magic V  word, your friendly employee at the register will even fetch you some vegan margarine.  Then dip your bread in your soup and achieve nirvana.

A small bowl of soup sets you back €3.45 ($4.43).  The carrot stuff was - most importantly, given the circumstances - piping hot, just like its celeriac fennel compatriot pictured further below.  The carrot taste was savory-sweet with hints of fall flavors and apple.  The celery concoction is even better: smooth, creamy, comforting and tasty.  It would be impossible not to like this.  Even for Grumpycat Sister.

The curry came at €9 ($11.56) with rice and a yellow slew of the sweet, anise-(I think?)-themed sauce on sweet potatoes, tofu, and broccoli.  We skipped the salads that usually come with the entrees in lieu of our much-needed life-sustaining soups - and that changes the price slightly, in case you were wondering.  Normally the entrees are €11-13.  Matt shoveled this curry down like Shakespeare killed people in Hamlet - with intensity, speed, and no regrets.  It was sweet with coconut milk and brought out the best of everything involved with its simple flavors and quality ingredients.

Finally, perhaps the most British of them all: the cauliflower lentil pie with mashed taters and dill for €8.55 ($10.98).  Mmmmm.  Again, the simple flavors of the veggies, a little salt, and fresh dill just gelled like Magellan.  Like I said: comfort food... to the max!

After this meal, we stepped out, blinking, into the cold, cruel weather.  The WIND.  But the hot food in our bellies made life much more bearable.  We frolicked on, to more adventure.


  1. I'm drooling alllll over my keyboard. Can I please have a chocolate chili casserole?

  2. Uh, yes. If you get your little tush over here, I will buy you everything in that display case.