02 April 2013

Dublin: Delhi O'Deli

Holy hole in the wall, Batman.  This restaurant is half do-it-yourself, half extraordinary food, and everyone on Trip Advisor swears up and down that you gotta check this place out.  I happen to agree.

Delhi O'Deli
12 Moore St
Dublin, Ireland
(353) (01) 872-9129

When you walk in, sit down anywhere you like.  The counter may psych you into thinking it's counter service, but for dinner, at least, I can tell you it's a sit-down affair.  What you do need to get for yourself, however, are water glasses, a pitcher of water, silverware, and napkins.  No big deal.  You're a grown up.

The menu is marked with green Vs all over the place.  In fact, I would say there's more vegan food than vegetarian.  And not one lick of meat anywhere.  How neat is that?  That's pretty neat.

Matt and I were exhausted from our day and wanted to go to bed without that gross totally full feeling.  The following is what I'd call a light meal for two.

I got an order of plain Parantha for €2.49 ($3.20) while Matt had his own dairy-laden Naan.  The Parantha was nice and crispy.  An excellent vehicle for loading with curry and stuffing into my gullet.

 I did skip that white stuff.  Just, you know.  In case.

The Pindy Choley we got for our main course was €7.99 ($10.27), and I'm gonna go ahead and say it's pretty much chana masala.  Chickpeas with a tomato base.  Oh, my gosh, and it was fabulous!  The flavor is spicy and deep; it kept changing on my tongue.  This is why Trip Advisor wants you to come here.

Then we tried a new thing!  Apparently Pani Puri is a street food from Mumbai.  We grabbed it for €4.99 ($6.41).  You take one of these crispy little fried balls and put some of the potato-chickpea filling inside.

Then pour some of this green "spicy and sour tamarind water" in there, too.

And pop the whole thing in your mouth.  Then you're like, WOAH!  It's hot and cold, spicy and crispy, minty and savory, totally money.  So unique, in such a yummy way.

OH MY WORD, the sun is shining!  This place was great and stuff!  Bye, muffins!  I gotta go outside!

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