11 April 2013

Edina: The Good Earth

So Matt, as usual, did absolutely nothing wrong.  To make up for it, he took me out for lunch.

The Good Earth
3460 W 70th St
Edina, MN 55435
(952) 925-1001

The Good Earth is the most fancy-pants organic restaurant that could possibly exist.  This makes sense, considering that it's located in the heart of fancy-pants Edina: The Galleria.  Oh, could I have an amuse bouche with my farm-fresh 3-course meal, please?

Before you do anything, you get bread.  It's free bread.

Bread helps you think.  It's all good.  (My blood sugar may or may not have been ridiculously low.)  Ask your server which ones are vegan, and dip into the hummus.  It's spicy and creamy.  You'll love it.

The menu has no special denotation for vegan or vegetarian dishes, but you're smart.  You did eat bread, after all, so you can think.  You'll figure it out.  And you can always ask your server.

I got the Waiki Kiwi smoothie for $5.50, which comes with kiwi, pineapple, banana, apple juice, and ice.  I requested mine with no honey, since all the smoothies on the menu come with that stuff.

In the background you can see Matt's - he got the Peach Mango Spinach smoothie off the special menu.  Both smoothies are great!  You can't really go wrong when you throw fruit in a blender and hit buzz.  Mine was fresh and zesty, on the line between too sour and just sour enough.

Then I ordered the Good Earth® Grilled Veggie Sandwich for 12 bucks.  (I'm not kidding about this sandwich being copyrighted.  Neither is the sandwich.)

I got a side salad instead of chips, and made sure the feta was removed from the sandwich equation.  Happily, this caused zero copyright issues.  The mixed greens with vinaigrette were pleasantly bright and citrusy.  The sandwich kind of surprised me - I honestly didn't think it would be so good.  The focaccia was super crispy and moist; the veggies varied in texture, temperature, and prep style, but they all worked so well together.  The hummus and vinaigrette added a lovely flavor to the base of spinach, tomato, cukes, grilled portobello, "purple" onions, zucchini, and red pepper.

Do you think the purple onions are the reason the sandwich is copyrighted?  'Cause... I'm pretty sure they're called red onions.  Just sayin'.  Unless Good Earth made a whole new type of onion called purple onion.  In which case I fully understand the copyright thing.

If not I'm totally copyrighting the quinoa tomato tofu dish I made yesterday and calling the onions "off-white" onions.

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